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How to Make the Bestselling Classic Cocktails from the World’s Best Bars 2023

The Drinks International annual list of 50 bestselling classic cocktails has arrived! Find out below what the world is ordering and how to make them!


Hamish Smith, bars editor of Drinks International and editor of the Cocktail Report, said: “Ever since we created our list of the bestselling classics cocktails in 2015, it’s a been a runaway success – perennially the top story on We knew it could be more than an article in a magazine and on a website, so this year it graduated to form the basis of its own magazine. 

“You might think that classic cocktails are a static landscape but our research shows that these drinks roll in and out of fashion like anything else. This year, we’ve seen lesser-known classics make our list and, most interestingly, recently created cocktails become considered classics.” 

Here is the result of a poll of a sample of the world’s best bars, here, in descending order, is their list!

50.  Air Mail 

49. Southside 

48. Hanky Panky 

47.  Rum Old Fashioned 

46.  Army & Navy 

45. Caipirinha

44. Old Cuban

43. Aviation

42. Sidecar

41. Bramble

40. Cosmopolitan

39. Vieux Carré

38. Painkiller

37. Vesper Martini

36. Vodka Martini

35. Mezcal Margarita

34. Naked & Famous

33. Gin Basil Smash

32. Pornstar Martini

31. Dark ’n Stormy

30. Bee’s Knees

29. Zombie

28. Corpse Reviver 2

27. Piña Colada

26. Sazerac

25. Gin Fizz

24. Jungle Bird

23. Amaretto Sour

22. Clover Club

21. Gimlet

20. Americano

19. Mai Tai

18. Boulevardier

17. Last Word

16. Mojito

15. French 75

14. Bloody Mary

13. Paloma

12. Pisco Sour

11. Moscow Mule

10. Penicillin

9. Aperol Spritz

8. Manhattan

7. Whiskey Sour

6.Dry Martini

5. Daiquiri

4. Espresso Martini

3. Margarita

2. Old Fashioned

1. Negroni

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