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Hello Cocktail Lovers!

It’s Cocktail Time Somewhere in the World, so Let’s Start Shaking.

Learn how to set up your home bar!

Learn how to make all those cocktails you love!

Learn from the movers and shakers of the cocktail world on Lush Life Podcast!

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London Cocktail Tours is a new experience hosted by drinks writer Susan L. Schwartz, where guests can embark on an insider’s tour of Soho’s bar scene and immerse themselves in cocktail history.

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Lush Life Cocktail Tours are for you!

Are you a cocktail lover? Planning a trip to London? Only have 1 night? Want to try the most iconic cocktails?


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Take 1 part enthusiasm, mix it with 1 part curiosity, add in a dash of chattiness and another of cheekiness and you have your drinking companion!

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