How to Make the Aperol Spritz, Venetian-Style

How to Make the Aperol Spritz, Venetian-Style

In my opinion, it’s hard to fall in love with Venice in August – the crowds, the menu turistico, the lines for everything, and the masses and masses of tourists. Unless, like our guest today, you arrive and get as far from St. Mark’s Square as you can, spending your days on the beaches of the Lido.

Of course, there is a lot more to that story, but Russell Norman was bitten by the Venice bug and, lucky for us, he continues to suffer the effects. The creation of Polpo, his Venetian inspired restaurant and bar, grew out of this affliction and, thanks to him, London and rest of the UK are drinking Aperol Spritzes and eating cicchetti!

If we made you excited to try making the Aperol Spritz at home, then you can find the recipe here.

We also have the recipe for the Cynar Gin Fizz as well, don’t forget you need a bottle of Cynar, which you can find in my shop!

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