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How to Make the Jägermeister Negroni

Jägermeister Negroni - Cocktail Recipe

This easy cocktail recipe takes the classic Negroni and makes it Jägermeister worthy! Just take out Campari and there you are!


The Negroni is an Italian classic and one of the most popular cocktails of all time. It is so easy, just equal measures of three spirits. Adding Jägermeister instead of Campari is actually not as far away from the original as you would think. The bitter and sweet herbal botanicals work together so well with the gin and vermouth!

Mini-Lush Guide to Jägermeister

For those of you who might not be familiar with Jägermeister. check out my full Lush Guide to Jägermeister. It’s an herbal liqueur, made from 56 herbs and spice, fruits and roots. These include citrus peel, licorice, ginger and 53 others! Here are some other facts!

  • Curt Mast invented Jägermeister or “Master Hunter.”
  • The herbs and botanicals are ground, added to alcohol, sieved, and then left to store in oak barrels for a year.
  • Just to clear up an urban myth, there is no actual stag’s blood in Jägermeister.
  • It tastes bitter and sweet all at the same time.
Jägermeister Negroni - Cocktail Recipe

What goes into a Jägermeister Negroni?

Just the three spirits and an orange zest, plus ice!

  • Jägermeister
  • Gin (Jäger suggests Gin Sul from Hamburg)
  • Vermouth (Jäger suggests Sacred Vermouth – If you can, Barrel Age it all for two weeks in oak)
  • Orange Zest

What tools you need to make Jägermeister Negroni

You won’t be needing a cocktail shaker for this one! Grab a jigger, a barspoon, and a rocks glass for this Jägermeister Negroni recipe.

  • 🍸Top Tip(le): It’s best if you put the Jägermeister to get it really cold beforehand.

Where to find more Negroni recipes

You can find always find loads of Negroni recipes to try! Here are a few of my favorites:

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Where to find ingredients for Jägermeister cocktails

You can find all the ingredients at Spirits Kiosk (10% off the entire site by quoting this code: ALushLife10SK.) in the UK; or Drizly (Get $5 Off Your Order of $20+ using code ALUSHLIFE5) in the USA!

Here is the recipe!

Jägermeister Negroni - Cocktail Recipe

Jägermeister Negroni


  • 25ml Jägermeister
  • 25ml Gin (Jäger suggests Gin Sul from Hamburg)
  • 25ml Vermouth (Jäger suggests Sacred Vermouth - If you can, Barrel Age it all for two weeks in oak)
  • Orange Zest


  1. Add all the ingredients to a rocks glass with ice.
  2. Stir
  3. Garnish with an Orange Zest

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