How to Make the Jägermeister Spritz

How to Make the Jägermeister Spritz

Make your summer cocktail with Jägermeister this time! Grapefruit goes so well with the woodsy notes of Jägermeister, so try it for a change!

Jägermeister Spritz - Cocktail Recipe

What is Jägermiester?

Jägermeister is an herbal liqueur, made from 56 herbs and spice, fruits and roots. These include citrus peel, liquorice, ginger and 53 others! All the ingredients are ground down into a dust and then added to water and alcohol.

That mixture is sieved and then left to store in barrels for a year. Then, when that year is over, it’s filtered and mixed with sweeteners, such as sugar and caramel. Then a bit more alcohol is added and it’s done!

Where was Jägermeister born?

We have the Mast family to thank for inventing Jägermeister. Wilhelm was a German vinegar manufacturer and, in 1934, his son Curt took over the business and invented the liqueur which he called Jägermeister or “Master Hunter.”

It was known to every German, but, in the 1980’s, a marketing genius in New York promoted it to the younger generation and made it the go-to party drink. Maybe its moniker appealed to freshmen, finally liberated from their parents’ house and free to roam collage campuses.

Is Jägermeister made with Stag’s Blood

Just to clear up an urban myth, there is no actual Stag’s Blood in Jagermeister. Here is the myth dispelled directly from the Jagermeister website: “For many years, Jägermeister was believed to contain stag’s blood – a myth that was especially popular in the US. To this day, Jägermeister is made according to the original secret recipe from 1934. Regarding the stag’s blood rumor, we can clear up the mystery: rather than stag’s blood, Jägermeister contains 56 natural ingredients such as herbs, blossoms and roots.”

How to make the Jägermeister Spritz

You’ll need the following equipment:

If you are in the USA, you can buy Jägermeister at Saucey.

If you are in the UK, you can buy Jägermeister at The Whisky Exchange!

If you want to try another Jägermeister cocktail, here’s the recipe for the Jägermeister Espresso Martini!

Jägermeister Spritz - Cocktail Recipe

Jägermeister Spritz


  • 35 ml Jägermeister
  • 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 12.5ml Vanilla Sugar Syrup
  • Top with Grapefruit Tonic
  • Garnish: Grapefruit zest


  1. Add Jägermeister, Lemon Juice, and Vanilla Sugar Syrup to a highball glass filled with ice
  2. Top with Grapefruit Tonic
  3. Stir
  4. Garnish with the Grapefruit zest

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