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10 Most Popular Cocktails in 2022

A new poll of Britons reveals the retro Piña Colada is the UK’s favourite cocktail, with 34 percent of the vote. The Piña Colada, often served with a paper umbrella and a slice of pineapple, has beaten modern drinks such as the Aperol Spritz and Espresso Martini.

According to the poll by cocktail bar and restaurant chain, Fridays, other drinks beloved by the nation include a Sex on the Beach (33 percent) a Pornstar Martini (25 percent) and a Margarita (24 percent). The research also reveals that Britain is now a nation of shakers and stirrers with over half of Brits (53 percent) saying they adore a well-mixed cocktail. 

Here is the rest of the list!

Top 10 Cocktails of 2022

And that’s not all, as 42 percent admit they prefer a cocktail to a pint every single time – with 59 percent insisting that it’s a much more sophisticated choice of drink.

In fact, almost half of the 1,500 Britons polled (46 percent) insist that cocktails served in pubs and bars across the UK have greatly improved during the last decade.

And it’s no surprise that a fifth (21 percent) admit they have ordered a specific cocktail after seeing it on a favourite TV show, like Mad Men or Sex and the City.

There are also drinks too naughty for Brits to order as they’re TOO EMBARRASSED to say them, with up to a fifth (18 percent) admitting that tipples with names like Slippery Nipple leave them feeling red-faced.

And the research suggests that going for drinks instead of dinner is rising in popularity, as 38 percent admit they find meeting friends for cocktails much more fun than doing dinner.

Brendan Quinn, Head of Beverages at Fridays, said: “Our research shows just how much the nation appreciates a good cocktail, from an iconic Pina Colada, as favoured by Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses, to a Margarita or classic Cosmopolitan. We are proud to have some amazing offers available to our guests throughout the week to make every day feel like a Friday and keep that Fridays feeling going”.

The research also revealed that one in two Britons (49 percent) now own a cocktail shaker, with 22 percent boasting a recipe for a drink which they claim to have made up themselves.

However, a whopping 86 percent admit they’re no expert mixologist themselves, even though over half (51 percent) would like to be.

Meanwhile 17 percent claim you can tell a lot by a person depending on the type of cocktail they order.

  1. Pina Colada       34%
  2. Sex on the Beach      33%
  3. Mojito        30%
  4. Pornstar Martini      25%
  5. Margarita       24%
  6. Martini      23%
  7. Cosmopolitan       19%
  8. Gin Fizz       18%
  9. Long Island Iced Tea      16%
  10. Espresso Martini      15%
  11. Aperol Spritz       14%
  12. Purple Rain       14%
  13. Bloody Mary       14%
  14. White Russian       13%
  15. Manhattan       11%
  16. Whiskey Sour       10%
  17. Mai Tai        10%
  18. Singapore Sling      9%
  19. Mimosa       9%
  20. Zombie       8%

This research of 1,500 UK based Britons who regularly drink alcohol was commissioned by Fridays and conducted by Perspectus Global during August 2022.

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