My Podcasting Resources

No matter what stage you are on the podcasting journey, you’ve got to keep up with the best podcast resources out there. Everything on this list, I have used or has been recommended to me by my producer, Evo Terra of Simpler Media Productions. Hopefully, it will make the search for podcast resources a bit easier.


If you are just starting, you will only need some basic gear, editing software, and a platform. I started with just a microphone and not much more, but saying that I did have a producer and it was the early days when a lot of this stuff below did not exist!


Disclaimer: Some of these posts contain affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means that I may receive compensation if you click on these links and buy something, but, don’t worry, it won’t cost you a dime!

A microphone

I’ve had a series of microphones since I began podcasting, from one that attached directly to my iphone to one that I could take with me wherever I was going. Depending on your needs, you might be looking for something different, but this is a great place to begin.

  • Zoom IQ7 – It attaches to an IPhone or IPad! My first mic! I did about 70 interviews with one of these! I still have it and always bring it with me just in case. It has great sound quality considering!
  • Zoom H4N Pro – Slightly more expensive. Pre-covid I was always interviewing people where they were, so I had to pack everything with me. This a great – pack and go mic!
  • Shure SM7B studio microphone – According to Evo, this is a super microphone for at home or studio. It’s the next one I am getting!

The filter or fuzzy thing on my mic!

I know it’s technically called a pop filter this sometimes fuzzy thing in front of or on top of your microphone stops the p’s and b’s from reverberating. Make sure you check out the size you need. They are super inexpensive, so get one!

  • Black Foam cover: I used and still use one of these on my IPhone mic.
  • Furry Outdoor Windscreen Muff – this one is big and furry and I use it with my Zoom H4N pro – it is a crowd pleaser and makes my mic look like a troll.
  • Auphonix Pop Filter Screens – these are the ones you can see in the photo above. They pretty much all do the same thing so get which ever takes your fancy!


Another must. Even if you don’t want to wear them when you are interviewing your guests, you have to when recording yourself or doing your edits. Otherwise, you won’t hear the dulcet sound of a car alwarm going off in the distance or your Spanish neighbor chatting incessantly on the phone during your intro and outro. I fought this for a long time even though Evo said, “get yourself some good cans.” (That is not a direct quote!) Now I can’t leave without my fabulous, Evo recommended, headphones. Saying that I use a different pair during my interviews because I’m vain.


Tripod or Swing arm

I use a tripod as I don’t have space for a proper studio, so here are my choices for tripods and one arm stand that I would buy if I had a studio.

  • Iphone Mini Tripod – This mini tripod was my go-to for my first 70 interviews. I attached my phone to the tripod then the mic to my iphone and I was good to go!
  • Joilcan Aluminum Tripod – This is my tripod for everything now – microphone, iphone, ipad, and camera. It’s a great starter tripod and super easy to travel with.
  • Microphone Arm Suspension Stand – This arm has a pop filter with it and is a great price. I have not used it myself, but looks great.
  • Upright Stand – I use this one when I do my podcast interviews.

Podcasting Platform

There are loads of podcasting platforms our there, but I adore and use Captivate! Their customer service is fabulous and they are really the leaders in the field.


Editing Software

If you are doing your own editing, it has to be Descript. Editing is so easy with Descript – I never thought I could do it myself until using this program!

Audiograms are also a great way to get your podcast seen. I use Headliner Pro to make all videos, whether for Youtube or social media!



Since Covid, I have had to interview people online instead of face-to-face. Squadcast is the best service out there. Now you can even video the interviews!



You are going to have to design your podcast artwork some where and Canva Pro is the way to go. There is a free version but I would pay for it. I use Canva everyday and I mean every day!

Pen writing the word podcasting

A great blog

You need a home for your podcast, so create a gorgeous looking blog!

You can find my blogging resources on my blogging resources page!

Have fun podcasting and, just remember that what you really need to be successful is a a good show!