The Podcast

The Podcast


Lush Life Podcast is a weekly audio show that introduces you to the movers and shakers of the world’s most famous watering holes.

Lush Life captures the stories behind international bartenders, brand ambassadors & distillers

Lush Life puts international bars on people’s radar.

Lush Life introduces you to new and classic brands out there in the market

Lush Life highlights the great cocktail books that need to be in your library

Lush Life provides the know-how to make classic and new drinks at home.

Lush Life teaches you how to make a Gimlet as well as the history behind it.

Lush Life always listens responsibly!


Complete Episode Archive – Season 1

The Lush Life Podcast is proud to be produced by Evo Terra, music by Steven Shapiro.
New episodes released every Tuesday. Usually.
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