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Season 1

How to Make a Daiquiri Hemingway Would Drink with Dave Miller

First study English Literature, then move to London and then visit Cuba – at least

How to get from Romania to Norway in one short lifetime with Adrian Pudleschak

Some guests are super chatty and some take a little work to get going. Our

How to Make Beer Without Hops with Annick De Splenter

It sounds insane to us modern folk, but beer without hops was a favorite of

How to Make Herbs Work in a Cocktail with Alex Ciomârtan

The political revolution in Romania may have gone down in 1989, but our guest today

How to Make Gin Change Color at Four Seasons Fairways

Just a few days in Four Seasons Fairways and you feel like you have been

How to celebrate Independence Day just right with Tom Vernon!

It’s tough to imagine our next guest going to work in tails and pinstripe trousers

How to Drink Roomer Liqueur with Jereon Michels-Devaere

Jereon Michels-Devaere’s grandmother came up with a plan – keep making elderflower liqueur and no

How to Bring a ’70s Cocktail Back to the Future with Michael Mann and Jess Mili

It worked for our guest today, but I don’t recommend it unless of course you

How to Drink Xoriguer Mahón Gin with Maria Teixidor

Have you been on holiday and want to bring a bit of that sunshine home

How to Make Winning a Bartending Competition Look Easy with Aidan Bowie!

Superlatives are needed when describing our next guest, Aidan Bowie,  and his place of employment,