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Lush Guide to Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur

Being a gin fan and a liqueur fan, I am always thrilled to see this combination pop up on the market. Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur might be new to all of us outside of Italy, but Kranebet has been a cure-all found in pharmacies since 1929 and is now a delicious addition to the category!

Kranebet on the bar

The juniper plant was known by the Kranebet which comes from the Cimbric (the former Jutland) word “kraneveta” meaning “bitter grains.”

The short history is that “The remarkable success of Dr. Giovan Battista Rossi’s elixirs has been so important to convert the small pharmacy into a real distillery, recognized as the highest in Europe. In 1929 the most typical liqueur of the mountain tradition was born: the Kranebet.” (Learn more about it from my friend Matteo Zed, on his site Amaro Obsession and if you love Amaro then make sure to get his The Big Book of Amaro, as well!)

Dr. Giovan Rossi’s distillery is alive and well since 1924, now Rossi d’Asiago distillers in Asiago, a small town in the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy, and home to Antica Sambuca, Amaretto Veneziana, and so much more. Now they have made Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur available in the UK!

How is Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur made

Taking hand-picked juniper berries, Kranebet is distilled in a copper still using a bain-marie method (think double-boiler). It is the gentlest way to get the flavor out of the botanicals. Joining juniper are the other botanicals included in the recipe – gentian root, roman absinthe, coriander seeds and quassia bark.

Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur

How does Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur taste

  • Color: Clear
  • Nose: Juniper forward with a touch of sweetness
  • Taste: Just the right amount of bitter and sweet, with the punch of juniper and gentian, softened by the sweetness
  • Finish: Sweetness, with a touch of anise
  • Alcohol: 40%

Where you can buy Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur

Kranebet Bottle

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UK: You can find Kranebet at Amazon.

USA: Sorry, not in the USA yet!

Why Lush Life loves it

I am an Old Tom Gin fan and this Kranebet takes it to a whole other realm! Sweet enough to enjoy with ice as a digestivo and bitter enough to serve with tonic!

How you drink Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur

Kranebet can be served neat or chilled on the rocks. It can also be used in cocktails. Collaborating with former Lush Lifer Erik Lorincz, Rossi d’Asiago has created a series of cocktails. One of which is the the KranebeTonic, a delicious and refreshing botanical aperitif, and that recipe is below!

Top Tip(ple)🍸: If you love Kranebet Italian Gin Liqueur, try another one – Reverend Hubert’s Winter Gin Liqueur by another former Lush Lifer, Thomas Lester!

Try a Kranebet cocktail:

Kranebet uses hand-picked juniper berries, gentian root, roman absinthe to create a winning liqueur. Add tonic and you have a fab cocktail!
Check out this recipe

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