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Lush Guide to Starward Left-Field Whisky

A new expression has just been added to the Starward Whisky range, Starward Left-Field Whisky, and this one has been matured in 100% French oak. Oh là là!


I was already introduced to the beauty of Starward when I interviewed Pete Garraway, their UK Brand Ambassador. After learning all about Starward, he kindly gifted me a bottle of the Starward (New) Old-Fashioned, which I shared with friends over a Thanksgiving dinner. OMG – it was lapped up by everyone and is still one of my favorite bottled cocktails.

When I was sent the bottle of Starward Left-Field, I knew there was going to be something gorgeous inside. I wasn’t disappointed.

What is Starward Whisky

From 2013, Starward has been wowing everyone with its Australian whiskey, making it one of the fastest growing Australian whisky brands. Its Starward ‘Wine Cask’ garnered the world’s Best Craft Whisky 2016 and its ‘Tawny’ received Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020. Starward also won Australian Brand innovator of the Year at the 2018 World Whisky Awards.


What is the Starward Left-Field

Never known to shy away from innovation, Starward Founder, David Vitale, was striving to “create a flavour-full but easy drinking and approachable whisky that talks to the place it is made, like very few whiskies can.

Starward Left-Field achieves this by using charred French oak red wine barrels! Where do they find these barrels? Right on their doorstep in Australia’s premier wine regions, the Barossa Valley and the Yarra Valley!

Previously, the barrels were home to a myriad of red wines, including shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir. Still dripping with red wine, the whisky is added and then the rest is history.

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How does Starward Left-Field taste

What does putting the liquid in French oak barrels do to the whisky? It makes it great in cocktails. Still upon tasting it, I found it goes so down smoothly even neat or with an ice cube.

Starward provided me a set of tasting notes, but taste it and write your own!

  • Color: Gorgeous red-gold from being in those French oak casts
  • Nose: Inviting with its vanilla spice combined with tropical fruit and red berries aroma
  • Palate: Soft with tropical fruit and slightly toasted oak
  • Finish: Delicate finish with a soft tannic reminder
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV – 700ml

Where you can find Starward Left-Field


UK: You can find it at Master of Malt.

USA: Not available yet but you can get it on Master of Malt and have it shipped.

Try one of these Starward Whisky cocktails:

If you get your hands on a bottle, then here are a few recipes you can try making. The New York Sour is always a favorite and the Left-Field and Tonic makes you rethink ordering the ubiquitous G&T. A highball can’t beat either. The Mac’s Sly Grog is Starward’s take on a Manhattan. It’s originally made with STARWARD Wine Cask, but works so well with Left-Field!

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