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How to Get People to Drink Australian Whisky

Our guest always had a passion for stories, thus Pete Garraway spent his university years studying history.  Now it’s his turn to tell stories, not read them. Before his current position as Brand Ambassador of STARWARD, he always thought of whisky as an after dinner drink. Then he remembered about the stories. Behind every sip of whisky, there lies at least one story.

Telling STARWARD’s story, to those who might not know it, might have been a challenge if the whisky weren’t award-winningly good.  The founder of STARWARD claimed that the question was not whether they could make great whisky, it was whether they could get people to drink Australian whisky. With Pete telling their story, that question has been answered and it’s a resounding yes.

Catch the Starward Cocktail of the Week – the Mac’s Sly Grog!

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