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How One School Video Can Change Your Life

Superlatives were invented to describe our next guest – World’s best, Greatest, One and Only.  There is no list that he isn’t on or has been listed number one! Today, we are in the presence of Erik Lorincz, bartending royalty!

I truly believe even if Erik Lorincz hadn’t seen that film on bartending when he was at school, he would have still risen to the top of whatever profession he chose. Lucky for us, it was behind the bar.

Over two episodes this week and next, we’ll discover how a boy from a small town conquered the cocktail world and finally has a place of his own, Kwānt.  This week sees how Erik found himself at the doors of the Connaught Bar and next week what happened after he stepped through those doors…but now let’s start at the very beginning.

Erik gave us a recipe for one of his most popular cocktails, the Heads & Tails – click here to try it at home!

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