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Lush Guide to Black Cow Vodka

The big question on everyone’s lips when picking up a bottle of Black Cow Vodka is “Can you make vodka from milk?” I am happy to report that the answer is, “YES” and, not only vodka, but a great vodka!

Black Cow Vodka top

I doubt that I will ever write this about another spirit – Black Cow Vodka was inspired by the owners’, Jason Barber and Paul Archard, family history of cheesemaking.

Not that their objective was to produce an excellent vodka to accompany their outstanding cheese, which was probably an added incentive, but Jason and Paul knew there had to be another use to all the milk that was being wasted in the cheese making process.

Their first thought – let’s make vodka!

Black Cow cheddar cheese and vodka

What is Black Cow Vodka

So yes, Black Cow Vodka is a vodka made from the milk and, more specifically, the whey. Unlike Little Miss Muffet, who was content to eat her curds and whey, Jason and Paul got down to vodka making.

FYI: Black Cow Vodka can also be enjoyed by those who have a lactose intolerance – all the lactose is converted into alcohol during distillation!

Black Cow Vodka Owners

How is Black Cow Vodka made

Made in the West Country of England, Black Cow Vodka begins as whey. Whey is the liquid that remains after the milk has been curdled and then strained.

Jason and Paul take that whey and make alcohol. They say they are following the tradition of the ancient Mongolians who make alcohol out of camel’s milk. I hope that spirit is even half as good as Black Cow!

After the whey has been fermented, alcohol is made and Black Cow Vodka is born. (FYI Curds are what becomes cheese!)

Black Cow Vodka Bottle Tops

How does Black Cow Vodka taste

On the market since 2012, Black Cow Vodka has gotten amazing reviews and won a spate of awards, including a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Since it arrived on my doorstep, I have made the most wonderful Dirty Martinis with it, plus a slew of other vodka cocktails.

  • Color: Clear as glass!
  • Nose: If pure has a smell, this is it. (I secretly want to smell cheddar!)
  • Palate: I think I have to say creamy, don’t I? Smooth and, well, creamy with a little bite. You’ll know what I mean when you taste it.
  • Finish: Light finish with the bite dissipating, leaving you with a warm mouthfeel
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV – 700ml

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Where you can buy Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow vodka bottle shot

UK: You can find Black Cow Vodka at Spirits Kiosk. (don’t forget to use ALushLife10SK to get 10% off! – it’s only for my readers and good on anything in their shop!

USA: You can find Black Cow Vodka at one of these stockists!

Don’t miss making one of these Black Cow Vodka cocktails:

Black Cow Dirty Martini

Dirty Cow – one of my favorites!

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