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Lush Guide to Hapusa Gin

There has been a lot of what I call gin malaise lately – so many new gins on the market, that it’s hard to see the trees through the forest, if I can use that cliche. Sometimes something comes along that delights and surprises you enough to shake you out of your ennui. I am happy to report that Hapusa Gin, the first ever Himalayan gin, is in a pine forest all on its own!

Hapusa Gin and Tonic

You could say that Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin was born in the foothills of the Himalayas, but really it was the genius of Anand Virmani, who launched Nao Spirits in 2015, creating India’s first craft gins with co-creator Aparajita Ninan.

What is Hapusa Gin

Hapusa is actually the Sanskrit word for Himalayan juniper berries. Starting with this elusive juniper berry from Northern India, the team went on to create Hapusa’s London Dry Gin with only seven other Indian botanicals.

In addition to these local juniper berries which bring a fragrant earthiness to the gin, local coriander seeds were a must have! The gorgeous Gondhoraj limes give that essential citrus kick. Forget the juice here, it’s all about the peel. Super hard to squeeze, these treasures release only a few drops if you work hard enough to get them.

The inclusion of turmeric from Tamil Nadu might be a surprise as it is usually only seen in cooking. But the turmeric and also ginger from Assam provide the gin’s aromatic spice. The rest of the botanicals, green cardamon and raw mango are the sweet spices and, lastly, almonds from Goa give this purely Indian gin its smooth finish. A true celebration of Indian ingredients!

Master Distiller Jay Dhawan oversees the copper pot distillation process and, all in all, it’s a journey to India from starting sip to finishing drop!

How does Hapusa Gin taste

Tasting notes:

  • Color: Clear
  • Nose: Definitely a fragrant gin. Hapusa hopes you will experience pine forests and wildflowers on the nose – and I feel that it’s too divine of a description not to smell those in a gin from India!
  • Taste: A complex juniper flavor which combines spicy and savory notes with a peppery back note
  • Finish: Sweet and long from the almonds
  • Alcohol: 43%

Hapusa Gin has continued to win medals:

  • The International Spirits Challenge 2022 (Double Gold Medal), International Gin Producer of the Year
  • Nominee (International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2021), International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2021 (Gold),
  • SIP Awards 2021, USA (Gold), SIP Awards 2020, USA (Double Gold), Bartenders Spirit Awards 2020, USA (Gold),
  • World Gin Awards 2019, 2020 and 2021 UK (Best Contemporary Gin (India)), Gin Masters Awards 2020 (Silver),
  • International Spirits Challenge 2020, USA (Bronza) and San Francisco World Spirit Aards 2018, USA (Silver)

Where you can buy Hapusa Gin

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Hapusa Gin bottle shot

You can find Hapusa Gin here

Why Lush Life loves it

Hapusa Gin describes itself as, “From the temperate coniferous forest of the Himalayas in northeastern India to the tropical and monsoon forests of Tamil Nadu in southern India, finishing in the lush spice farms of Goa. The resulting taste and aroma of this award-winning gin delivers the complex and rich landscape of India in a bottle.” Who wouldn’t fall in love with that!!

Hapusa Gin cocktail

How you drink Hapusa Gin

Like most classic London Dry Gins, Hapusa Gin is fabulous in cocktails. Still, it can be a sipping gin, but suggest having it at “mountain temperature” or fresh out of the freezer if you have no mountains near by!

Cocktails made with Hapusa Gin cocktail

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Hapusa Gin Pin

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