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Lush Guide to X Muse Vodka

Who is this X Muse (pronounced Tenth Muse btw) and why is she making vodka? Don’t worry, all will soon be revealed. We begin with barley, add to it Scottish know-how, and then a dash of Greek mythology and you have a singular spirit.

X Muse Vodka portrait

For all of you well versed in Greek mythology, you will know there were the Nine Muses who presented the arts (in alphabetical order: Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, and Urania). What you might not know is there was a Tenth Muse who has no name and “represents all that is unseen, not captured, defined or understood.” 

Some say it was the poet Sappho, but I am here to discuss vodka and not argue over the nomenclature of muses. Whomever she may be, X Muse Vodka is dedicated to her. Another nod to this unknown Muse is the brand tagline found on the box and under the waxed bottle top: ‘Plura Latent, Quam Patent’ (More is hid than uttered).

X Muse Bottle top

What is X Muse Vodka

From whence should X Muse spring? The waters drawn from an ancient aquifer below Jupiter Artland. Robert Wilson, co-owner of this glorious museum and garden, joined forces with Vadim Grigoryan, spirits maven and Former global director of Creativity and Luxury at Pernod Ricard to produce a the first Scottish barley vodka.

In order to make their vodka be worthy of its name, the two choose to work with two heritage varieties of barley, Plumage Archer and Maris Otter. Each adds its own distinct and subtle flavor. These are distilled separately and then brought together to produce a smooth, fragrant, luxurious vodka.

X Muse vodka portrait 2

Designed by the brilliant Stranger and Stranger (think Italicus), the bottle is in itself a work of art.  It is influenced by artist Charles Jencks’s Cells of Life which sits above the aquifer at Jupiter Artland. These swirling, curving grasslands are echoed in the lines of X Muse’s gorgeous clear bottle.

How does X Muse Vodka taste

A lot has been thought about the story of the brand, but it all comes down to taste and I am happy to report that this is one smooth and silky vodka. You would be equally happy to sip it all night as you would be to know it makes up your Martini.

  • Color: Crystal clear
  • Nose: Fragrant, but subtle green apple.
  • Taste: The green apple is there, but it blends with a slight peppery zing.
  • Finish: The pepper remains together with a bite of an oatmeal biscuit.
  • Alcohol: 40%

Why Lush Life loves it

I love a story and X Muse comes with a lot of story, including the the story of the four symbols your see at teh bottom of the box. So check out the X Muse website for everything that I haven’t mentioned above!

How you drink X Muse Vodka

X Muse is either neat or over ice in a rocks glass, but it can definitely be used in cocktails.

Where you can buy X Muse Vodka

UK: You can find X Muse at Whisky Exchange

USA: You’ll have to wait for it!

Top Tip(ple)🍸: So happy to bring you a few cocktail recipes from my friend and former Lush Lifer, Denis Broci!

Cocktails made with X Muse Vodka

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How to drink X Muse Vodka

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