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How to Make 10 Easy Rum Cocktails

Here are 10 easy rum cocktails that everyone has heard of and taste so good. There is no excuse for you not to know how to make them! They’ll transport you on that tropical vacation as soon as you take one sip!

Calabash (1)

I know that the first cocktail I order on holiday is a Mojito – even though I prefer tequila! There is something about rum cocktails that just scream , “time to have fun.” On the warm days of summer, rum is the go to cocktail mixer.

What is Rum

White rum, light rum, dark rum, aged rum, spiced, flavored – it doesn’t matter what rum you have, you can make any of these with pretty much all kinds of rum. But what is it? Rum is distilled from the molasses that comes from sugar cane production. If you really want to know more, listen to my interview with Peter Holland, master of rum!

  • White Rum: think Bacardi – clear and the simplest, with no aging usually.
  • Dark Rum and Aged Rum: these are copper colored and have been aged in barrels. depending on the age, the flavors can go from vanilla to caramel to banana.
  • Spiced Rum – Be careful of Spiced Rum, really get the good stuff. It can be filled with added color and sugar!

Of course, always use the best rums, fresh juices, fresh lemon juice and fresh lime juice, and of course, loads of fresh ice.

You take each cocktail recipe and make just one or take a punch bowl or large pitcher and fill it to the rim! Pick any glass – a tiki glass, highball glass, rocks glass. You’ll need a cocktail shaker for most of them!

Once you’ve made all of these try one of my new recipes, one of which is below!

Easy Rum Cocktails

Another Pîna Colada Recipe!

Since this is the most sought after cocktail, I felt I couldn’t leave you without another recipe for it! This one comes straight from the island of Antigua!

English Harbour Colada, Antigua Distillery, St. John's

English Harbour Colada


  • 2oz English Harbour 5yr Old Rum
  • 2oz Fresh Squeezed Antigua Black Pineapple Juice
  • 2oz Fresh Coconut Water
  • Pineapple wedge and lime wheel


  1. Build in old fashioned glass over ice
  2. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and lime wheel

Made this cocktail?

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Enjoy the day and toast to your favorite bar!


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Disclosure:  I was provided with a sample of La Hechicera Rum, Clarke’s Court Rum and Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum for the purpose of making cocktails. All my opinions and cocktail choices are my own!

Let me know which is your favorite Rum Cocktail by leaving me a comment below or by tagging me on instagram!

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