How one Rumfest can transform your life – Peter Holland,, Bournemouth

How one Rumfest can transform your life – Peter Holland,, Bournemouth

Peter Holland’s relationship with Rum changed from platonic friend to true love by the time he left his first RumFest UK in 2009.  He had just launched his own Rum-centric website, and, for a long time, it was just a hobby.

Now after almost 10 years, he has grown to be one of the leading authorities in the spirit and a full-time Rum Ambassador, promoting the liquid and her cocktails around the world. This week he is the UK Brand Ambassador for Old Fashioned Week – a cocktail usually associated with Bourbon! His Agri’Old-Fashioned may make us rethink that!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

A few weeks ago, I headed to the state of Kentucky. Next time on Lush Life, my guest is a man who created his own brewery in the heart of the USA using the techniques he brought back from Japan.

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