How to know which rum to drink in Antigua

How to know which rum to drink in Antigua

Was it poncha or rum that the grandfather of our next guest was brewing up in his store in St. John’s in the 1920’s?  Missing his homeland of Madeira, he could very well have tried bringing a little of his island’s spirit to his new home. Maybe that’s why he and his eight friends founded the Antigua Distillery. Lisa Farara will never know, but she still keeps searching for her grandfather’s secret recipe.

Whatever rum cocktail you’re drinking on the island is sure to be made with one of their award-winning rums – Cavalier or English Harbour. Being a direct relative of one of the eight founders gives Lisa an insight into the company that few others might have and can tell us how the distillery fits into the jigsaw puzzle that is the island’s long relationship to sugar cane growing.

Want to make the Pina Colada the Antigua Distillery way –
here is a recipe for their English Harbour Colada!

Who’s on tap next:

Next time we bring you a legend in his own right as well as the man who helms one of the most famous bars in one of the most famous hotels in the world – that is Ago Perrone – straight from the Connaught Bar.

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