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Lush Guide to Gosnells Mead

Just hearing the word Mead might conjure up images of Vikings and jousting, but it’s no longer stuck in the past. Gosnells Mead of London maybe traditional mead, but it’s alive and living in the modern world.

Gosnells Mead

The best way to learn about Gosnells is to head down to Peckham, South London and visit them for a tasting! Since 2014, Tom Gosnell has been brewing mead in his kitchen from 100% natural honey and so many years later, it is now all over the world.

What is Mead

Technically mead is an alcoholic spirit made from honey. By fermenting the honey, then adding water and sometimes additional ingredients, you get mead. It sounds simple and it can be. It is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, with the ancient Chinese and Africans enjoying a sip or two. Even Beowulf was imbibing it in medieval times.

As other spirits were produced and became more popular, mead took a hit. Fast forward to the modern age and mead is having a renaissance with more and more meaderies popping up all around the globe.

Lucky for me, Gosnells popped up in my neighborhood.

Can of Gosnells Mead

What is Gosnells Mead

Made with the finest honey, mixed with water and then fermented, this is as pure and simple a drink as you can get. Every product they produce is 100% natural with no added sugar, sulphites, artificial flavors or colorings and is gluten-free.

How do they make it? It all sounds so easy: select the best honey, then blend it, combine it with water and herbs, add yeast, ferment, and then it’s ready to bottle or can. BUT you have to know what you are doing.

Gosnells Wildflower 2

How does Gosnells Mead taste

The original Gosnells London Mead is smooth and refreshing. Pop open the bottle and the slight sparkle gives it a festive feel. The taste is pure honey sweetness, but not too sweet to be clawing. It’s a prefect picnic drink and could accompany salty foods like olives, charcuteries and hard cheeses perfectly.

Not only do they made a traditional mead, but they also have a few twists:

  • Wildflower: The newest in the hive of flavors, Wildflower is made with a blend of different honeys from the nectar of 45 different trees, shrubs and flowers from across the world!
  • Hopped: Using New World Hops and inspired by India Pale Ales and craft beer, the hops give it a drier, floral finish.
  • Hibiscus: Yes, it is pink! By adding dry Hibiscus Flowers, you get a hit of tart notes.
  • Citra Sea: This seems wacky but it works. They’ve added hops, lemon and tarragon – giving it a slight citrusy flavor with a dash of salt.
  • Sour: You would never guess how they make it sour. I’ll tell you – Assam Tea!

Why Lush Life loves it

I am a big honey fan! At only 4%, the original and the other flavors are so drinkable and so low in alcohol. It’s a different drink than people are used to and it’s great to surprise them by whipping out a bottle of mead! Also being a Game of Thrones fan, I feel I would fit right into Westeros with a Gosnells in my hand!

I also love Gosnells because they have created their own Gosnells Mead Garden “We’ve created our own Mead Garden, to enrich biodiversity at our Peckham home and work with community groups to re-wild urban areas with nectar-rich flowers, shrubs and trees. “

Plus, they have spearheaded the Gosnells Guerrilla Gardening Campaign 2022. This launched in June 2022, to “re-green their Peckham and make it come alive with greenery, flowers and color.”

How you drink Gosnells Mead

Gosnells Mead is either enjoyed chilled – from the can, neat or over ice, but it can definitely be used in cocktails.

Try the Peckham Lemonade

Gosnells’ Peckham Lemonade
Either drink Gosnells Mead neat or over ice. Or in a cocktail! This recipe is super simple and a perfectly crisp summer apéritif!
Check out this recipe
Peckham Lemonade

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Where you can buy Gosnells Mead

UK: You can find Gosnells Mead at Gosnells

They are also sold in  Sweden, Japan, and France.

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Lush Guide to Gosnells Mead

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