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Lush Guide to Bankhall Sweet Mash

Maybe too young to be called a whisky in the UK, but Bankhall Sweet Mash is just too good not to share. Perfect in an Old-Fashioned, a New York Sours, and any other whisky cocktail you want to shake or stir!

Bankhall Portrait

Brand-new Bankhall Sweet Mash, a bourbon style liquid and not yet a whisky, was so good that Vince Oleson, Distillery Manager, and his team bottled it and it’s now ready for you to drink. I am loving it! Vince moved to Blackpool from New York City to redefine what English whisk(e)y could be. So we are in for a wild ride!

What is Bankhall Sweet Mash

Let’s start with sweet mash. Sweet mashing is the process in whisky making that means to start with a fresh batch each time. Now think corn, rye and malted barley – don’t ask, they won’t tell you the exact proportions. Think aged in new American charred barrels. That’s where you begin with Bankhall. Now imagine triple distilled, no filtration, no color added and 46% ABV and you have Bankhall Sweet Mash!

How does Bankhall Sweet Mash taste

  • Color: Light copper
  • Nose: Caramel, Oak
  • Taste: 46% packs a punch, you can really taste the oak, but then it settles into the flavors you know and love of a bourbon-style recipe of corn, rye and malt.
  • Finish: The spicy vanilla stay on your palate to remind you what you just drank.
  • Alcohol: 46%

Why Lush Life loves it

Number 1 – Bankhall makes a mean Old Fashioned – one of my favs. Number 2 – I love when people are passionate about the spirits they make and Vince and his team are super passionate. They also are working with the community of Blackpool, adding jobs and helping revive the city. Number 3 – #AdventuresInDistilling is their motto, need we say more!

How you drink Bankhall Sweet Mash

Either neat or over ice in a rocks glass, but it can definitely be used in cocktails.

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Cocktails made with Bankhall Sweet Mash

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Where you can buy Bankhall Sweet Mash

Bankhall Sweet Mash

UK: You can Bankhall Sweet Mash at Bottle Club.

USA: Not yet in the USA!

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Lush Guide to Bankhall

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