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Red, White & Blue Cocktails to Rev Up Your Party

Get ready to dazzle your guests with these star-spangled sips 😎! These are the most vibrant, eye-catching, and delicious drinks that perfectly capture the spirit of July 4th! Whether you’re hosting a bashor just love a colorful concoction, these cocktails will be the star of the show! Forget the fireworks!

Bomb Pop Shot

bomb pop hot recipe by bhofack2/depositphotos
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Red, White and Blue – This is the time to try your hand at making the most American of cocktails! Fun to make and so tasty – great to wow your guest!

Find the Bomb Pop Shot recipe.

Dad’s Sangria

Summer Sangria - Pin Lemonade Pin by 
Image Credit: belchonock/depositphotos

Red: The perfect party cocktail because it serves so many and it is so delicious. My Dad had the best Summer Sangria recipe. Using the best summer fruits, plus a dash a brandy, it’s perfect for a hot summer day, picnics, dinner parties and any other summer entertaining you might be having!

Find the Dad’s Sangria recipe.

White Lady

White Lady Cocktail - Image Credit: Oleksandr Prokopenko/alushlifemanual
Image Credit: Oleksandr Prokopenko/alushlifemanual

White: You can fight over which Harry invented this cocktail – some say Harry MacElhone in 1919 at Ciro’s Club in London and some say Harry Craddock from the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, it really doesn’t matter as it is still a classic!

Find the White Lady recipe.

Blue Hawaiian

Blue hawaiian by etorres69/depositphotos
Image Credit: etorres69/depositphotos

Blue: Picture this: you’re lounging on a pristine sandy beach, the gentle waves lapping at the shore, and a refreshing drink in hand that’s as dazzling as the turquoise waters before you. If that sounds like a dream come true, then the Blue Hawaiian cocktail is your ticket to turning that dream into a reality!

Find the Blue Hawaiian recipe!

Watermelon Shot

Watermelon Shot @ bhofack2
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Red: The combination of watermelon and tequila, plus a bit of watermelon liqueur make this easy shot recipe the perfect summer cooler! It’s color makes it red, red, red!!

Find the Watermelon Shot recipe!

The White Mouse

White Mouse @alushlifemanual
Image Credit: alushlifemanual

White: The cocktail was created at the American Bar at the Stafford Hotel in London for a very British spy! Named after Nancy Wakes, the famous WWII spy, the White Mouse is a celebration of her daring deeds! Made with Saffron Gin, shaken with lemon juice, honey and Champagne and garnished with star anise.  It has long been the most popular drink on The American Bar’s menu.

Find the The White Mouse recipe!

Angelo Azzurro

Angelo Azzurro @THRE3 from Getty Images
Image Credit: THRE3/Getty Images

Blue: We head to Italy for this one. Although this cocktail screams the 1970’s with its artificial, yet inherently glam, color. The Angelo Azzurro (Blue Angel) deserves its rightful place among the rest of the Italian classics!

Find the Angelo Azzurro recipe!

Red Berry Crush

Red Berry Crush @Ciroc/alushlifemanual
Image Credit: Ciroc/alushlifemanual

Red: Indulge in the vibrant burst of flavor with the Red Berry Crush. I used Ciroc Red Berry Vodka, but you can use any berry vodka. The raspberry and rose combo make it sing!

Find the Red Berry Crush recipe!

Ramos Gin Fizz

Ramos Gizz Fizz bhofack2/depositphotos
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

White: A New Orleans institution, the Ramos Gin Fizz was created by Henry Charles Ramos at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in 1888! Since then it has become one of the city’s enduring classics!

Find the Ramos Gin Fizz recipe!

Blackberry Fizz

Sing Gin Blackberry Sing Fizz
Image Credit: Sing Gin/alushlifemanual

Blue: Mix gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, and soda water to get that gorgeous blue. It’s all about the muddling! Expect both sweet and tart and garnished with fresh berries for that tang!

Find the Blackberry Fizz recipe!

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