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10 Refreshing Gin Cocktails to Cool Off That Heat!!

Gin can transform into a light, bright spritz or be the star of a robust martini, making it great as the base of any summer cocktail. Whatever you make it is sure to be refreshing with its combination of juniper and herbal notes, it’s the perfect refresher! Let’s start with the simplest!

Gin & Tonic

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The gin and tonic is a classic cocktail mixing gin with tonic water, often garnished with lime or lemon. Its origins date back to the 19th century, combining gin’s botanical flavors with tonic’s quinine bitterness. It’s celebrated for its refreshing, crisp taste and simplicity, making it a timeless favorite.

Find the Gin & Tonic recipe.

Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash cocktail
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The Gin Basil Smash cocktail shouldn’t work but it does! This modern classic with its herbal flavors mixed with its citrus kick is one of the summer cocktails that should be on your list!

Find the Gin Basil Smash recipe.


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The classic Gin Gimlet was a lifeline for sailors, literally saving them from scurvy. It’s only a two ingredient recipe that’s made for gin & lime lovers!

Find the Gimlet recipe.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins
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The Tom Collins is one of the oldest cocktail recipes ever and so easy to make. Just combine gin, sugar, and lemon juice, again!

Find the Tom Collins recipe

Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz
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A great classic gin cocktail that is sometimes overlooked for the Gin and Tonic. Lemony, fresh, and frothy, there is a reason it’s remained on the cocktail list for over a century!

Find the Gin Fizz recipe!

French 75

French 75 - Cocktail Recipe
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It has the word French in its name, so it has to be French, right? Named for a field gun used by the French in WWI, the French 75 is the delicious combination of gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar with the very French Champagne.

Find the French 75 recipe!

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling
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The Singapore Sling is a classic gin cocktail born at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. A medley of fruit that can be made at home so easily!

Find the Singapore Sling recipe!

London Calling

London Calling, Milk & Honey
Image Credit: alushlifemanual

Invented by Chris Jepson at the iconic Milk & Honey in London, the London Calling has become a modern day classic. This cocktail is the only one to appear on every one of their cocktail menus since it was invented! Just a dash of sherry made a Gin Sour the instant classic it is!

Find the London Calling recipe!

Bee’s Knees

Bee's Knees Cocktail
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In the 1920’s, anything fabulous was known as “the bee’s knees.” A play on words, this classic Gin Sour cocktail substitutes the sugar syrup for honey!

Find the Bee’s Knees recipe!

Gin Sour

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The easiest sour to make. The Gin Sour has no need for an egg white. Just three ingredients and you have a classic in your hand.

Find the Gin Sour recipe!

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