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10 Most Expensive Vodkas

The common ingredient in an Appletini, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and Dirty Martini is vodka, indeed one of the most versatile spirits. While vodka isn’t typically considered a luxury spirit like Scotch Whisky, the release of rare, limited edition bottles with a bit of bling has introduced some expensive vodkas into the market.

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From the luxurious, bejeweled editions of vodka to ones that highlight its heritage, feast your eyes on this list of the most expensive vodkas in the world.

The Most Expensive Vodkas

I’ve gathered a selection of the most high-end vodka brands available on the internet, with certain well-known labels commanding prices exceeding one million dollars.

Billionaire Vodka

Billionaire Vodka – $3,700,000

Continuing with the tradition of expensive vodka that Leon Verres began in 2012, the Billionaire Vodka brand released this 2015 limited diamond edition bottle, a sight to behold.

A bottle that looks and feels like royalty, it’s wrapped in an intense black faux-fur, complete with an embellishment of about 2000 diamonds set in gold. The bottle has 18 liters of vodka prepared using an original Russian recipe, usingg natural spring water filtered through the ice, birch charcoal, and crushed diamonds, making for a triple distillation process.

A lower-priced 0.7-liter version of this Diamond Edition came with six diamonds and a golden dog tag. The next edition in line is supposed with a LED light system!

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Another one that is hard to find a photo of!

The Eye of the Dragon Vodka – $5,500,000

Nothing less than a masterpiece, this luxurious vodka resulted from New York’s Scarselli Diamonds shaking hands with this company of Dutch origins having its base in Hong Kong – Royal Dragon Vodka, a premium vodka manufacturer.

The magnificently-designed six-liter bottle is a true masterpiece, topped by a dragon, symbolic of good fortune and wealth. Apart from diamonds (about 15,000 of them) of 624 karats used to embellish the dragon, there are also 18-karat gold and yellow diamonds of 50 karats.

The bottle’s smooth and rich vodka is of legendary quality, with a five-time distillation of the finest quality of winter rye.

Billionaire Vodka 2

Billionaire Vodka – $5,500,000

A vodka carrying an exorbitant price tag truly fitting for billionaires, Billionaire Vodka released the first set of its legendary bottles in 2012.

The designer five-liter bottle has a PETA-certified faux-fur in white, topped by embellishments of diamonds laid in platinum and rhodium. The channel-set diamonds encrusted neckband is like the cherry on the icing.

A perfect complement to the luxurious appearance on the outside is the vodka inside the bottle. It undergoes triple filtration through the ice, birch charcoal, crushed gemstones, and diamond sand. This is sheer luxury for both the eyes and the palate.

New Russo-Baltique Vodka

New Russo-Baltique Vodka – $740,000

Among the most expensive vodka bottles, this one comes with a story. Not only a story of how one was stolen from Copenhagen’s Vodka Museum (and retrieved empty later from a construction site), but also with a starring role in a Netflix series, Russo-Baltique Vodka has a special place in the list of expensive vodkas.

As a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russo-Baltique car manufacturer, this special bottle was released. Made with bulletproof glass, its flask was also made using a radiator guard from the vintage model of a Russo-Baltique automobile. It’s as stylish as it is tasty!

Diva Premium Vodka

Diva Premium Vodka – $1,000,000

The world’s most glamorous vodka, Diva Vodka, has gorgeous bottles that like as glam as their name.

This expensive vodka comes in an elegant bottle with a gem-encrusted bracelet around its middle and a hand-filled sparkling wand of Swarovski crystals enclosed inside the bottle. You could save these crystals for special occasions or gift them to your special people.

Crafted using the finest winter wheat, this premium Scottish vodka undergoes triple ice filtration and filtrations through Nordic birch charcoal, followed by sand of precious and semi-precious stones.

Old Russo-Baltique Vodka

Old Russo-Baltique Vodka – $1,300,000

From the renowned Russian car manufacturer Russo Baltique of the early 1900s came the limited edition of this vodka in ten bottles in 2011.

This one is different from the one above because it is designed to look like a radiator guard of their vintage car, the bottle has a white and yellow gold cap with a diamond-studded, majestic-looking Russian Imperial eagle atop its head.

With the first bottle presented to Prince Albert of Monaco, the buyer of each bottle was gifted with a Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV!

Kors Vodka, George V

Kors 24K George V Edition – $24,500

In his quest to create the perfect vodka, Nicholas II, a Russian Czar of the early 1900s, utilized gold pipes for distillation, followed by diamond infusions. This recipe was later shared with a cousin, George V., leading to this limited edition of 240 bottles.

The handcrafted crystal bottle holding this premium vodka is designed with pure gold. These bottles are shipped in glamorously decorated, handmade walnut chests.

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle – $10,000

One among the popular vodkas was the result of the alliance of Absolut Vodka and Swedish designers Mimi Smart and Magnus Skosberg.

Having released merely ten units, each bottle handcrafted using high-quality crystal courtesy Reijmyre Glassworks in Sweden comes with two lovely crystal tumblers, all placed in a chest of the finest pinstripe fabric.

The making of the vodka involves the distillation of winter wheat with a thorough filtering process. Absolut also released a non-black version of this vodka for a fraction of this one’s price.

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka – $7,240

Belvedere had a special release of its Belver Bears Vodka at the grand Cannes Film Festival of 2011. This high-end vodka came in a unique bottle shaped like a teddy bear and resulted from the alliance between Belvedere and DJ Jean Roch.

These translucent plexiglass bottles containing the premium Belvedere Vodka with backlights, making these some of the fanciest bottles to own.

Using only pure water obtained from artisan wells, Belvedere makes some excellent-grade, smooth vodka by distilling it not three but four times.

Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka

Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka – $6,922

Oval Vodka produced an special expression in Vienna, intended only to be served in the most exclusive nightclubs of Europe and America.

The vodka comes in a shimmery oval-shaped bottle studded with 7,000 Swarovski crystals. Using 100 percent pure wheat and a patented, unique process requiring 11 days makes this ultra-smooth vodka easy to indulge in.

FAQ About Vodka

What is vodka?

Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage typically made from fermented grains or potatoes. It is known for its neutral flavor profile and high alcohol content.

What is the alcohol content of vodka?

Vodka usually has an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 40% to 50%, which means it is 80 to 100 proof.

How is vodka made?

Vodka is made through a distillation process, where the raw ingredients (grains, potatoes, etc.) are fermented, distilled, and then diluted with water.

What is the difference between vodka and other spirits?

Vodka is distinct for its neutral flavor and odorless qualities, making it a versatile base for cocktails. Other spirits like whiskey or rum have more pronounced flavors due to aging or additional ingredients.

Is vodka gluten-free?

Vodka made from grains may contain trace amounts of gluten, but many brands offer gluten-free options made from corn, grapes, or potatoes.

Do different vodka brands taste the same?

No, different vodka brands can have subtle flavor differences due to variations in ingredients and distillation methods. Some are smoother or more robust than others.

Can I store vodka for a long time like wine or whiskey?

Vodka does not improve with age as wine or whiskey does. It remains stable and does not need long-term aging, so it can be stored for extended periods without significant change in flavor.

Can you freeze vodka

Unlike some spirits, vodka should not be stored in the freezer for long periods. Freezing can cause the vodka to thicken, affecting its texture, but it won’t go bad.

What are some popular vodka cocktails?

Popular vodka cocktails include the Martini, Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, and Bloody Mary, among others.

Why Lush Life loves it

Vodka is one spirit that has become increasingly popular recently lately. Owing to this, we see the premium and ultra-premium vodka on this list of the most expensive spirits, with some costing as much as a new car or even a house!

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