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Most Expensive Gin in the World

Gin has come a long way from originally intended medicinal purposes to a popularly mixed spirit in refreshing cocktails. Although scotch whisky is known to be the pricey spirit, gin lovers will be delighted to know about the most expensive gin goes hand-in-hand with excellent quality.

How to Find the Most Expensive Gin - PIN

Commonly used for Gin and Tonics, classic Gin Martinis, the Negroni, and the Gimlet, the national spirit of England, gin, was thought to have been developed in Holland around the 17th century using juniper berries, but Jared and Anistatia might have a word to say about that!

Wherever it comes from, the days of bathtub gin are over!

Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV 2

Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV

This is, hands down, the world’s most expensive bottle of gin and is exclusively sold in London’s Harvey Nichols retailers. The Morus LXIV, released by Jam Jar Gin, a London-based distillery (and makers of London Dry Gin), is distilled from the leaves of Morus Nigra (an ancient Mulberry tree).

With each leaf handpicked and perfectly dried, the distillation follows after a balancing blend with other botanicals. It takes more than two years to produce a single batch of this cask strength with 64% ABV.

The gin comes in lovely porcelain jars (with a jam jar look), hand-made, embossed, and polished for a diamond matte finish, accompanied by a porcelain stirrup cup with a leather hide case. 

For its true and complete flavor (sweet, woody, and intense juniper) to come through, it is recommended to serve it with a couple of drops of mineral water.

You can find out more on their website!

Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin

Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin

Before the Morus LXIV gin came into the game, the Watenshi was considered the world’s best gin.

This unique gin, from the UK-based Cambridge Distillery, is made from the angel’s share (typically lost to evaporation in the distillation process) of their acclaimed Japanese Gin. The outcome is about 15 ml of spirit per distillation. 

Produced in small batches, there are only six bottles of Watenshi in each batch and 36 bottles of gin every year. The elegant decanters are hand-blown and with silver finishings.

The intense flavor of this dry, medium-bodied, special gin is notes of sweet citrus with spice and bitter juniper and a stunning, complex finish. Enjoy it neat or over ice.

You can get it at Master of Malt for £2,500!

Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin

Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin

Coming from the 10th generation owner of Nolet Distillery (a Dutch distillery), Carolus Nolet, Sr., Nolet’s Reserve Gin is some of the world’s finest gin.

The Nolet Reserve dry gin is like no other, made with many botanicals like the spicy saffron (the world’s most expensive spice) from the Middle East and verbena from North Africa. Each batch of the Nolet’s Reserve is personally tasted and approved by Carolus Nolet, Sr., to ensure the highest quality gin.

With a golden hue, the gin has warm notes of saffron coupled with delicate citrus flavors. It is recommended to enjoy this extraordinary gin neat or with ice in a snifter, sherry, or copita sipping glass.

You can find out more on their website!

Cambridge Distillery Anty Gin

Cambridge Distillery Anty Gin

The word gin brings juniper berries to mind, not insects, which is why this insect-based gin is the world’s first gin of its kind; a surprise. When the Cambridge Distillery joined the Nordic Food Lab, the outcome was a bold and truly unique Anty Gin.

Made from the distillation of Formica rufa (red wood ants) obtained from the UK’s forests, each bottle of Anty Gin is a blend of wildwood avens, juniper, nettle, and Alexander seeds, with the main ingredient – the essence of 62 red wood ants. The botanicals help complement the sharp citrus notes from the distillation.

If you’re keen on experiencing the unique flavor of pure ant distillate, there’s a 5cl dropper bottle of the same along with the gin bottle.

With slightly vinegary, powdery, and almost acrid notes on the nose, it tastes sweet and of woody spice, with a hint of lime and lemon zest. 

You can get it at Master of Malt for £198.99!

Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut

Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut

Gin from a German distillery with its classic 47 ingredients for making gin, Monkey 47, releases something special yearly: The Distiller’s Cut. They started with this tradition in 2010, and the latest Distiller’s Cut contains Monarda Didyma – their species rara or the 48th ingredient.

After its maceration with the other 47 botanicals, followed by double distillation, it’s aged for three months in earthen vessels. Finally, it is combined with fresh spring water from the German Schwarzwald (Black Forest) for the final touch.

With a bergamot scent, the complex flavors of this remarkable and smooth gin have a refined, spicy top note with hints of lemon.

You can get it at ReserveBar for $86.99!

Forager’s Clogau Reserve Gin

Foragers Clogau Reserve Gin

From the Snowdonia distillery at the foothills of Snowdonia mountains comes Forager’s Gin, and their collaboration with jewelry brand Clogau resulted in some good, exclusive gin.

Among the six botanicals used for this gin, indigenous to the North Wales mountains and coastline, are elderberry, sea buckthorn, cameo apple, juniper, heather, and gorse flower. The naturally filtered pure Welsh mountain water is obtained from a spring close by the Clogau’s St David’s gold mine.

Forager’s Black Label gin fused with the delicate spring water and distilled in the rarest René Jolly French oak barrel provides a clear and bright gin. With an aroma of tropical fruits with underlying citrus, the taste is fruity and citrusy, with a balanced spice level.

Sakurao - Japanese Dry Gin

Sakurao – Japanese Dry Gin

Distilled in Hiroshima at the Sakurao Distillery, this Japanese dry gin is an innovation from tradition. 

Their limited edition Japanese dry gin is made from a selection of local botanicals, including cherry blossoms (Sakura in Japanese), Japanese cypress, yuzu, and oyster shells. Seventeen botanicals from sea and land, specially selected for this Limited gin, are used with juniper berries.

The crafting of this gin uses steeping and vapor methods for distillation, traditional in England. As for aroma, this dry gin is all citrusy zest, coastal scents, and earthy dry juniper. On the palate, it starts with flavors of juniper and savory, spicy kicks of white pepper, and a cooling finish of juniper and mint.

You can get it at Master of Malt!

Why Lush Life loves expensive gin!

Using a range of botanicals, some of the most luxurious gins from different parts of the world make for the most expensive gin. Although gin lovers typically opt for middle-shelf brands, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a high-end bottle of gin once in a while, especially if you can afford to!

A few gin recipes for your expensive gin

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