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Discover 8 Italian Cocktails That Will Transport You Straight to the Mediterranean!

Even if you can’t head to Venice or Rome, you certainly can serve up a cocktail or two for the elusive aperitivo hour! After one sip of a Spritz or the lemony Sgroppino, you’ll be speaking italiano in no time!


Bellini cocktail
Image Credit: alushlifemanual

This Bellini recipe comes straight from where it was invented – Harry’s Bar in Venice. Its gorgeous color makes it unmissable and it’s so easy to make, if you have the correct ingredients!

Find the Bellini recipe.

Venetian Spritz

Select Spritz
Image Credit: Select/alushlifemanual

The Select Aperitivo Spritz is the true Venetian cocktail. The brilliant ruby color reflected against the blue of the canals makes it one of the most gorgeous cocktails.

Find the Venetian Spritz recipe.

Hugo Spritz

Drinking in Trentino - Hugo Cocktail
Image Credit: alushlifemanual

A Northern Italian favorite where elderflower grows like weeds. I am not sure why this really delicious cocktail hadn’t caught on elsewhere, but don’t forget to order it when you’re there!

Find the Hugo Spritz recipe.


Sgroppino, Swift, London
Image Credit: Swift Bar/alushlifemanual

The Sgroppino – another Venetian favorite. Move over Bellini and Aperol Spritz – summer is here and with that the Sgroppino!

Find the Sgroppino recipe!

Limoncello Tonic

Limoncello Di Capri Tonic
Image Credit: Limoncello Di Capri/alushlifemanual

Don’t always go for gin! Limoncello is fabulous mixed with tonic. Try this and see how limoncello can brighten up the cocktail!

Find the Limoncello Tonic recipe!

Italicus Spritz

Italicus Spritz
Image Credit: Italicus Spritz/alushlifemanual

Indulge in the exquisite Italicus Spritz. A harmonious blend of Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Prosecco, and soda—elevating your cocktail with citrus-infused, effervescent cheer.

Find the Italicus Spritz recipe!


Select Americano
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

The Americano cocktail beautifully blends the herbal aromatics of Campari or Select with the sweetness of vermouth, and finished with a spritz of soda.

Find the Americano recipe!

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz
Image credit: Lazartivan/depositphotos

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Italy with an Aperol Spritz – it’s everywhere and synonymous with Italy! Salute!

Find the Aperol Spritz recipe!

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