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8 Refreshing Vodka Cocktails You Need to Try This Summer

Vodka cocktails can be the ultimate summer treat and most people have a bottle at home. From fruity concoctions to citrusy delights, these drinks not only quench your thirst but also are a easy to make and taste great!

Vodka Press

Vodka Press
Image Credit: Yulia-Images/ Getty Images

The Vodka Press is one of those easy vodka drinks that you don’t know why you don’t make all the time. It is a no-fuss drink and can be enjoyed on every occasion! A Vodka Press can never let you down!

Find the Vodka Press recipe.

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze cocktail
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Picture yourself lounging on a beach as the waves crash in the background. What cocktail would you choose to be enjoying?? I know I would be drinking the Sea Breeze with its combo of grapefruit, cranberry and vodka!

Find the Sea Breeze recipe.

Dirty Shirley

Dirty Shirley Cocktail
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Shirley Temple was bound to grow up and when she did, I truly believe she was keen to add a little something stronger to her namesake cocktail! The Dirty Shirley cocktail takes the classic drink made with grenadine and a lemon-lime soda and makes it a slightly more adult version by adding in a splash of vodka!

Find the Dirty Shirley recipe.


Greyhound Cocktail
Image Credit: GMVozd/Getty Images Signature

The Greyhound cocktail is a classic cocktail made with just two simple ingredients: vodka or gin and grapefruit juice. It’s a tart and tangy two ingredient cocktail that is perfect for those who love citrus flavors. Although the assumption might be to associate it with the dog of the same name, you would be wrong. It’s called the Greyhound because you would find it in Greyhound bus terminals all around the country. It was the signature serve of the Post House restaurants linked to the Greyhound bus company. Their version was served with vodka and it stuck!

Find the Greyhound recipe!

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon Martini (1200 × 800 px)
Image Credit: Stockphoto24/Getty Images

The Watermelon Martini is a fruity take on the classic Martini. It is so refreshing and and a perfect drink to enjoy on a very hot day. Making a batch of Watermelon Martinis is super easy to enjoy it with your friends and family.

Find the Watermelon Martini recipe!

Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Lemon Drop Martini is a super simple cocktail for the lemonade lovers in all of you. It really is just simple lemonade mixed with vodka. Easy to make and perfect for beating the heat.

Find the Lemon Drop Martini recipe!

Cherry Vodka Sour

Cherry Vodka Sour
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Adding cherries makes the Cherry Vodka Sour recipe perfect for summer and easy to make at home. All you need are a little lemon, grenadine, cherries, and vodka, of course!

Find the Cherry Vodka Sour recipe!

Vodka Sunrise

vodka sunrise recipe
Image Credit: VeselovaElena/Getty Images

The Vodka Sunrise cocktail takes almost no time to make! Just a splash of grenadine gives it the look of the sun rising, hence the name! Although this is a recipe for the Vodka Sunrise, you can’t forget its inspiration – the original Tequila Sunrise. That drink originated in the 1930s when Gene Sulit mixed tequila with soda water, liqueur, and lime juice. Over the year, this drink gained immense popularity especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s. As time passed, the cocktail underwent several variations with the Vodka Sunrise one of the most loved and a great alternative.

Find the Vodka Sunrise recipe!

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