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Lush Guide to Savoia Americano

The next chapter of Italian drinks history is being written by industry innovator Giuseppe Gallo. This time he brings us Savoia Americano and it’s guaranteed to have you singing Verdi’s Va Pensiero in one sip.

Savoia Americano

I know I am in a lucky position to be able to be one of the first people in the world to sample Savoia Americano. Taking a sip of any new spirit, in front of the person who actually conceived it, can become a bit uncomfortable, especially if that spirit is not great. I had none of those fears this time, as I was tasting it in front of Giuseppe Gallo, the master mind behind Italicus and a drinks industry legend.

I just can’t write about Savoia Americano without touching on his last triumph, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto. It seems as if there were never a time before that fabulous liquid was in every bar in town. Giuseppe seems to have been born with the inherent ability to create new flavors that the world needs right now!

Savoia Americano with Giuseppe Gallo

Why the Savoia?

After one sip of Savoia, I knew it would most definitely be enjoying the same fate as Italicus. As an Italophile, it thrilled me to hear Giuseppe narrate the story behind Savoia. It’s 1861 and Giuseppe Garibaldi has completed his mission of bringing all the provinces of Italy together as one nation, with Vittorio Emanuele Maria Alberto Eugenio Ferdinando Tommaso di Savoia crowned King of Italy. (Yes, that was his whole name) Eventually Turin was designated the capital of Italy, until it moved to Florence, and then onto Rome.

Why the Americano

Taking inspiration from the Italian royal family’s last name and Turin’s most famous monument, the Mole Antonelliana, at one time the tallest building in Europe, Giuseppe and his team created another gorgeous spirit in an equally gorgeous bottle. Yet, however clever the name and and exciting the story, it’s all about what’s that bottle holds inside.

Savoia Americano with Botanicals

How does Savoia Americano taste

Savoia Americano is born of that blend. I was gently corrected when calling it a spirit. Savoia is actually a fortified wine made exclusively with Ugni Grapes ,blended with 14-month, oak-aged DOC Marsala Fine wine and aromatic herbs including Bitter Orange, artemisia, gentian root, aloe and mandarin, and more.

Open the bottle and either pour directly into your ice-filled glass or mix it up  to create your own signature cocktails. It truly is that perfect balance between bitter and sweet. It also makes a mean Spritz with Prosecco, garnished with three grapes. It also has enough zing to make it perfect as an ingredient in a twist on a Negroni or a Garibaldi which you can find on the menu at the Connaught Bar.

It‘s just what we Italo-cocktail lovers never knew we needed.

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Where you can buy Savoia Americano

Savoia Americano Bottle

UK: You can only find it here right now:

USA: It’s not in the USA yet, but soon!

Try one of these Savoia Americano cocktails:

Savoia Spritz:
just add sparkling wine or Prosecco!

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