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How to Make the Mr. Black Espresso Martini

Mr. Black's Espresso Martini - Cocktail Recipe

I think this has to be the easiest Espresso Martini recipe you can find. Even made with instant espresso coffee, it is killer and would make Dick Bradsell proud!

Mr. Black's Espresso Martini - Cocktail Recipe

Where was the Espresso Martini born

The aforementioned Dick Bradsell was minding his own business bartending at The Soho Brasserie in London in the 1980’s, when a famous model walked in and asked for a cocktail that would “wake me up and then f*&*s me up.”

A coffee machine was right behind him, so he grabbed a shot, added vodka, shook it up, served it in a Martini glass, and a legend was born. It has since been made with sugar syrup, coffee liqueur and, usually freshly brewed espresso.

What is Mr. Black

Mr. Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur, made with Australian grain spirit and beans from three sources – Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil. In this recipe, it acts as the coffee liqueur, the vodka and the sugar.

Although it’s a liqueur, Mr Black is not that sweet. Martin Hudàk, their Global Brand Ambassador, told me that it has half the sugar and ten times the coffee concentration of other coffee liqueurs.

How to make the Mr. Black Espresso Martini

You need to start with the following ingredients to make the Mr. Black Espresso Martini:

  • Mr. Black Cold Brew
  • Espresso
  • Ice

I made the Espresso with both instant (above in the photo) and freshly brewed coffee (the Lavazza in the recipe below). Of course, the freshly brewed coffee gives it much more depth of flavor, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to futz around making espresso.

If you are going the instant route, then I suggest getting the best you can find. Which ever brand you choose, make your coffee and let it cool before you make the cocktail. If you have left over, save it in your fridge for an ice coffee or a White Russian!

  • Make the espresso and let it cool. Then add 30ml or 1oz to your shaker!
  • Grab your Mr. Black and add 60ml or 2oz to the shaker!
  • Add ice and then shake, shake, shake! The harder you shake the more foam you’ll have!
  • Then strain it into a glass!

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Here is the recipe!!

Mr. Black's Espresso Martini - Cocktail Recipe

Mr. Black's Espresso Martini

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 6 minutes

The easiest Espresso Martini recipe in town with only two ingredients! All you have to do is make an espresso, open a bottle, shake, and pour!


  • 60ml Mr Black
  • 30ml Espresso


  1. Make Espresso
  2. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice
  3. Hard shake
  4. Strain into coupette


For US measurements, please use my handy Cocktail Measurements converter.

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