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Most Popular Cocktails of 2022

The Espresso Martini is now one of the most popular cocktails in the US, what else is on the list??

Espresso Martini 2

Here is the latest data from CGA’s Cocktail Sales Tracker!

They reveal “that the Margarita remains the top cocktail in 2022 by value velocity, followed by the Moscow Mule and Martini, however Espresso Martinis have become more popular over the past year and have seen the biggest movement, rising 5 places to make it into the Top 10 Cocktails.

CGA’s Cocktail Sales Tracker is an industry-first data-led tracker revealing the sales dynamics of the cocktail market and enables suppliers to track all the core metrics over time and identify new opportunities from trending cocktail performance within the market.

The latest ranking performance reveals significant movement in value velocity within the category according to the tracker. The Manhattan has fared the worst in rank changes, dropping 4 places vs 2021, and as a result, no longer sits within the Top 10 list.

Over the past 12 weeks*, the average outlet earnt over $10,700 from cocktail sales, a dip of 8% vs the same quarter last year. This equates to the average outlet selling 1,065 cocktails during this period, across 699 tickets – equivalent to 27% of Spirits value in the On Premise.

While this is a slight decrease in sales velocity, outlets are experiencing an increase in check value (+$2.83) and price (+$1.00) compared to last year. The average price of a cocktail now stands at $12.00, outperforming Spirits/Mixer ($11.00) and Beer ($6.00). In addition, average check value for cocktails across outlets is $78.19, competing with Wine at $88, while Spirits ($65) and Beer ($56) typically received lower check values.


Exploring daily performance across the week, the majority of the top cocktails have remained relatively consistent compared to last year, with the Caipirinha consistently outperforming 2021 value velocity. Interestingly, the Moscow Mule and Martini prove most popular mid-end of the week, peaking on Fridays before dropping in velocity as the weekend arrives. Popular cocktails over the weekend dayparts include the Mojito, Mimosa and Bellini – popular serves for brunch/lunchtime occasions.

Trends in cocktail performance can also be seen across outlet types. While Polished Casual outlets remain the most lucrative for cocktails, Casual nightclubs and Sports bars have increased in value over the year, at the expense of Premium bars, losing velocity between Q1 2022 and Q3 2022.

Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – North America, said: “The latest tracker highlights the changing dynamics of the cocktail market and how consumer preferences influence their drinks choice, especially across periods of seasonality. The Pina Colada is the biggest mover between quarters this year, from 17th in Q1 to 9th in Q2, representing the most valuable cocktail in the warmer months. Cocktails which are well paired with occasions and preferred serves complimenting changes in the weather will help build a winning cocktail strategy in the On Premise.”


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