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Discover the Secret Ingredient to the Perfect Summer Cocktail: Tonic!

Drinks made with tonic are a refreshing and versatile option for your next summer cocktail! Tonic water, with its blend of quinine and bubbles, pairs with so many different spirits! Of course, the classic Gin and Tonic is a beloved staple, but tonic also shines in modern mixes like vodka tonic, tequila tonic, and calvados! Try one of these next!

Gin & Tonic

Image Credit: angelsimon/depositphotos

The gin and tonic is a classic cocktail mixing gin with tonic water, often garnished with lime or lemon. Its origins date back to the 19th century, combining gin’s botanical flavors with tonic’s quinine bitterness. It’s celebrated for its refreshing, crisp taste and simplicity, making it a timeless favorite.

Find the Gin & Tonic recipe.

Limoncello Di Capri Tonic

Limoncello Di Capri Tonic - PIN
Image Credit: Limoncello di Capri/alushlifemanual

Don’t always go for gin! Limoncello is fabulous mixed with tonic. The limoncello and tonic combo is a delightful, zesty drink that combines the vibrant lemon flavor of limoncello with the slight bitterness of tonic water. Served over ice with a lemon slice, it delivers a refreshing, citrusy burst that’s both sweet and tangy, perfect for a sunny afternoon or a light aperitif.

Find the Limoncello Di Capri Tonic recipe!

Tequila and Tonic

El Rayo Tequila and Tonic
Image Credit: Susan L. Schwartz/alushlifemanual

Mix the Tequila with Tonic and you might never have a Margarita or G&T again! It is truly a revelation. Garnished with a grapefruit wedge, it offers a perfect balance of tangy citrus and subtle sweetness, making it an ideal choice for a summer cocktail!

Find the Tequila and Tonic recipe.

Avallen Calvados and Tonic

Avallen and Tonic
Image Credit: Avallen/alushlifemanual

This truly simply, delicious, Calvados cocktail will be your new favorite. Made with nothing but apples, water and time, plus a little tonic!

Find the Avallen and Tonic recipe!

Pampelle and Tonic

Pampelle Spritz
Image Credit: Susan L. Schwartz/alushlifemanual

The Pampelle Tonic is a delightful cocktail typically made with Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit Aperitif and tonic water, offering a refreshing and citrusy beverage experience.

Find the Pampelle and Tonic recipe!

Whiskey and Tonic

Starward Left-Field and Tonic
Image Credit: Starward/alushlifemanual

No one ever thinks to mix whisky with tonic, but it is really delicious. I used The Starward Left-Field with tonic to remake the twist on the G&T. It’s super refreshing and easy to make. The new summer cocktail!

Find the Whiskey and Tonic recipe!

Jagermeister Spritz

Jägermeister Spritz - Cocktail Recipe
Image Credit: Jagermeister/alushlifemanual

Make your summer cocktail with Jägermeister this time! Grapefruit goes so well with the woodsy notes of Jägermeister, so try it for a change! Making a Spritz with Jägermeister is a fabulous idea. The liqueur adds so much depth to it and brings along a sweetness from the honey as well as fruitiness. You’ll want make sure you drink just one, as it is super more-ish!

Find the Jagermeister Spritz recipe!

Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

The Vodka Tonic is made using two ingredients, plus a garnish. Just make sure those ingredients are the best you can find! It makes all the difference! On hot summer days, this classic cocktail is not just a refreshing drink, it can also taste fantastic. It is a fuss-free drink, you make it for your guests without needing a cocktail shaker or other accessories.

Find the Vodka Tonic recipe!

Cordusio Tonic

Cordusio Tonic
Image Credit: Cordusio/alushlifemanual

The Cordusio Tonic, their deceivingly simply & surprisingly delicious signature cocktail. A classic reimagined with a twist with new spirit Cordusio, the aperitivo with a balance of botanicals and citrus,
reinforced by red berries with tonic to add a bit of bitterness!

Find the Cordusio Tonic recipe!

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