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How to Drink Cabal Rum No 1513

It’s no easy feat to launch your first expression of a spirit in May and wIt’s no easy feat to launch your first expression of a spirit in May and win gold at the Spirits Business Global Spirits Masters 2021 in September, but Harpalion Spirits has done just that with Cabal No.1513 rum!

Cabal Rum Cabalero Cocktail

What makes Cabal Rum special? It’s all in the barrels. Using both pot and column distillation, Cabal rum is then finished in Pedro Ximénez casks. Then it is set aside in Scotland’s Speyside to sleep.

Bottle of Cabal Rum set in Leaves

What is Cabal Rum No.1513

Handpicking the perfect aged rums from Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad, and Panama was just the first step in creating Cabal Rum No 1513. After that, the blending began!

Once the Cabal cohorts were happy with the blend they were working toward, that perfect blend of aged rums was poured directly into barrels that had been home to Pedro Ximénez sherry, one of the sweetest wines in the world. There, in those casks in Scotland’s Speyside, the award-winning magic happened and Cabal No 1513 emerged.

Why No. 1513? Rumor has it that they had 1512 tastings. On the 1513th, all stars aligned and this was the batch to bottle.

Cabal Royale

How does Cabal Rum taste

Cabal Rum No 1513 is an aged rum, which means it is a spirit derived from sugarcane by-products, usually molasses, syrup or juice. Aged rum just means it was allowed to rest in oak barrels for a certain amount of time.

  • Color: Farrow & Ball Deep Reddish Brown
  • Nose: The aroma is exactly what I’m looking for in a rum – banana and caramel, mixed with hints of chocolate and orange.
  • Taste: Although great cocktails can be made with Cabal, this is definitely a sipping rum as well. Extra smooth with explosion of dark fruits, caramel and just great balance of sweetness from the Pedro Ximenez sherry and a little spice.
  • Finish: Only the sweetness of the fruit still remains ever after.
  • Alcohol: 43%

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Where you can buy Cabal Rum

Bottle of Cabal Rum

UK: You can find Cabal at The Whisky Exchange

USA: You can’t find it in the USA yet. Sorry!

Try one of these Cabal Rum cocktails:


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How to Drink Cabal Rum

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