Lush Guide to the Best Hotel Bars in London

Lush Guide to the Best Hotel Bars in London
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I’ve always loved the idea of a hotel bar in London. A piano in the corner plays hummable hits while you sit watching the ladies and gents arrive with their Louis Vuitton steamer trunks with reception greets them like long lost friends.

Best Hotel Bars London

Things have moved on from that, and though piano bars are aplenty, London hotel bars are not just for people watching anymore. Some of the best cocktail bars in London are in hotels. Many have to made it to the top of Drinks International Magazine’s list of the 50 World’s Best Bars.  It would be remiss not to visit these hotel bars while in the London.

(NB: listed in alphabetical order)

The Best Hotel Bars in London

London Hotel Bars - American Bar at the Stafford, London

American Bar at the Stafford

You could say I am biased; my second home is the American Bar at the Stafford. What makes the American Bar so special is its old-world charm and its tongue in cheek decor: the whole bar is decorated from floor to ceiling with model airplanes, photographs, university baseball caps, football helmets and all sorts of US memorabilia.

Right in the middle of everything. Don’t be fooled though – Benoit Provost and his team take their craft very seriously and there is nothing casual about his attention to detail – every cocktail is a masterpiece.

Top tip(ple) – The Americans have come marching in – although I love a new menu, my go-to is the White Mouse, their iconic cocktail named for their resident spy, Nancy Wake, and is a sexy blend of Saffron Gin, Star Anise, Champagne and more.  Their glassware is to die for.

  • The Stafford, 16-18 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1NJ
London Hotel Bars - Artesian, The Langham Hotel, London


While this is one of the most ornate bars in town, Artesian’s new cocktail menu to be anything but. Maybe they’ve been inspired by the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus this year, as it’s all about minimalism. Two ingredients make up each of the 22 cocktails on the list. Anna Sebastian has gone but that doesn’t mean it isn’t splendid still!

Top tip(ple) – It’s really hard to choose as everything on their new menu sounds great.  Keep playing with their physical menu fashioned as a twirlable double helix inspired by John Edmark’s Helicone.

Blue Bar, The Berkeley Hotel, London

Blue Bar

Don’t think it’s all about the famous David Collins interior. Iconic thought it may be, the Blue Bar is way more than just a color. The cocktails are as stylish as the room in which they are served.

Now with their new Meta Menu, you could even call them cutting-edge. Four different categories make up the menu: Fresh & Easy, Elegant & Bubbly, Crisp & Clean, and Rich & Bold. Rifts on flavors you know, plus the addition of flavors you might not, make it so meta, dude.

Top tip(ple) – Having grown up drinking Creme de Menthe (don’t ask) , I love any minty treat and their Kryptonite combining Bourbon, Cacao mint and something called Invisible cream. Like its name – it could bring down Superman in one sip.

  • The Blue Bar, The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Pl, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RL
Connaught Bar, Connaught Hotel, London

Connaught Bar

What can you say about the Connaught Bar that has not been said already?  Cocktails, interiors, martini trolley, Ago Perrone – tick, tick, tick, tick. Every award has been won, every honor has been received, every prize has been collected. Still, no matter how much you’ve read about the stature of the Connaught Bar, you can never fully know it until you’ve experienced it yourself.

Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, everyone at the Connaught Bar makes you feel as if you are one of the family. In my opinion, that is what makes the Connaught so special and not to be missed on any trip to London.

Top Tip(ple) – If this is your first time, you kind of have to order their Classic Martini, it’s a rite of passage.

London Hotel Bars - Dukes Bar, Dukes Hotel, London

Dukes Bar

What can I say about Alessandro Palazzi that hasn’t been said already?  For those who don’t know, Dukes Bar is the haven for all things martini, thanks to Ian Fleming making it his watering hole. Don’t think the bar is a one-trick pony!  

Every cocktail is made with the attention and respect it deserves. Still, if you order a martini, their super glam trolley arrives before you to conjure up the celebrated combination of gin (or vodka) and vermouth!

Top tip(ple) – Dukes Martini, but remember you are only allowed to have two, so sip them slowly.

  • Dukes Hotel 16-18 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1NJ
Seed Library

Seed Library

In the basement of the new One Hundred Shoreditch hotel – the Seed Library is changing up things, as Mr. Lyan always does and creating a “lo-fi, analogue approach to bartending.” Whatever they call it, I say it translates as great cocktails.

We tried the Summer Whisky Sourz, the Galangal Penicillin (hoping it might help my post-Covid runny nose!), Coriander Seed Gimlet and the Raspberry Leaf Bellini. Accompanied by fabulous croquettes – how did croquettes become the perfect cocktail accompaniment – I was happy as only one who is holding a well-crafted cocktail can be. God I love living in London! Thank you Mr. Lyan!

  • Seed Library, One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel, 100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6HU

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