How to convey your personal experience in a cocktail

How to convey your personal experience in a cocktail

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There aren’t many children who could call their teacher, admit to skiving off school, and hear the teacher respond “Great, I’ll join you.” Our guest was one of those. Lucky for us, Ago Perrone liked being behind a bar better than chained to a desk.

In his role as Director of Mixology for the Connaught Bar, Ago and his team have been called the Best UK, World’s Best, Winner, and more, for their hard work over the ten years that he has been at the helm. Today’s episode is part one of two following his journey to becoming one of the most decorated barmen in the world.

Try to make his signature cocktail at the Connaught, the Mulata Daisy! 


Who’s on tap next:

So next time, Ago returns at that pivotal moment when he decides whether a hotel bar is for him…it could have turned out so differently. Tune in next week to find out why…

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