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How to Drink at Donovan Bar with Riccardo Vecchio

Riccardo Vecchio

From life guarding on an Italian beach, to bartending at one of the most iconic bars in London is not a logical career step unless you are Riccardo Vecchio. It was sink or swim and, thankfully for us, he’s safe behind the bar at Brown’s Hotel.

The famed stained-glass window of St. George stares down at the bartenders from above as if to keep them on their toes. One wrong step and, like the dragon itself, out they go. Riccardo doesn’t have to worry. With the way he is going, he’ll be slaying the dragons soon. As cool and hip as Terence Donovan’s iconic black and white photos that lines its walls, Riccardo, the Head Bartender, reigns over the Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel and we are the ones to revel in his wake.

“Around the Globe” is the theme for his latest cocktail creations. Seven cocktails for one of each of the seven continents. You just don’t order these as usual, you are handed seven scratch & sniff cards and you must order them by scent. Antarctica? You’ll have to listen to the podcast find out how that snowy continent smells!

FYI: Don’t be confused! This video is branded with my old logo, Best Sips Worldwide. Just ignore it and watch the amazing cocktail making 😉

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