10 Easy Gin Cocktails To Try at Home

10 Easy Gin Cocktails To Try at Home

For a spirit that so decimated the English population in the 17th century that laws were created to halt its production, it is quite humorous to be celebrating World Gin Day 400 years later! Gin as been called loads of things in the past, from Mother’s Ruin to Ladies Delight to Knock Me Down, but now it seems to be the most popular spirit, given there are more than one thousand on the market from which to choose.

Most of us have a bottle of gin lying about the house, I am sure. If you are ever thinking about what to do with that very bottle, I’ve created a list of a 10 easy gin recipes to try at home, from the most iconic gin cocktails to a few others with a slight twist!

The Lush List of Easy Gin Cocktails

Gin & Tonic

An easy cocktail recipe that makes the Gin & Tonic super lemony. Try Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin for an extra citrus hit.

Gin Gimlet

The classic Gin Gimlet was a lifeline for sailors, literally saving them from scurvy. It’s only a two ingredient recipe that’s made for gin & lime lovers!

Gin Martini

Dukes Martini, London

The Gin Martini is king of all cocktails and very personal in the making. Here is the classic Gin Martini recipe. You decide with or without orange bitters.


Aussie Negroni

A play on the original Negroni recipe of Gin, Sweet Vermouth & Campari, with the addition of Brookie’s Slow Gin, a new spirit made from local Davidson Plums!

Gin Fizz

It’s so easy to make the classic Gin Fizz, again a combo of three ingredients – gin, lemon and sugar syrup – plus a dash of soda water.

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is one of the oldest cocktail recipes ever and so easy to make. Just combine gin, sugar, and lemon juice, again! This recipe plays with the original Tom Collins by adding Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, making it bloody red!

French 75

I love that this sparkling, bright mix of gin and champagne is named after the French 75-mm field gun used in WWI. The urban myth is that it gives a kick just like the aforementioned weapon. I only wish that people had been drinking more French 75s than shooting them.


This cocktail recipe changes up the original Southside. It’s been raised to a whole other level by adding in fermented pineapple cordial! Photo by Jonathan Chovancek

London Calling

Invented by Chris Jepson at the iconic Milk & Honey in London, the London Calling has become a modern day classic. This cocktail is the only one to appear on every one of their cocktail menus since it was invented! Just a dash of sherry made a Gin Sour the instant classic it is!

Bunny Ears Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Cocktail

Last in the list is a super cute cocktail by Johnny Neill, using his extremely popular Rhubarb & Ginger Gin and a combo of orange and carrot juices, plus a splash of Aperol! Perfect with a pairing of chocolate!

Let me know which is your favorite Gin Cocktail by leaving me a comment below or checking me out on instagram!

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