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Easy Gin Cocktails To Try at Home

Most of us have a bottle of gin lying about the house, I am sure. If you are ever thinking about what to do with that very bottle, I’ve created a list of easy gin cocktails to try at home, from the most iconic gin cocktails to a few others with a slight twist!

Gin Rickey

For a spirit that so decimated the English population in the 17th century that laws were created to halt its production, it is quite humorous to be celebrating World Gin Day 400 years later!

Gin as been called loads of things in the past, from Mother’s Ruin to Ladies Delight to Knock Me Down, but now it seems to be the most popular spirit, given there are more than one thousand on the market from which to choose.

The Lush List of Easy Gin Cocktails

Let me know which is your favorite Gin Cocktail by leaving me a comment below or checking me out on instagram!

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