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8 Summer Whisky Cocktails to Cool Your Brow!

Don’t think that whisky is only an autumn spirit! Some great summer cocktails are made with the dark spirits! Think Mint Juleps for one – the cocktail that kicks off the Kentucky Derby in May. If that isn’t summer in a glass, I don’t know what is. These others are also perfect for the hot weather!

Mint Julep

Mint Julep
Image Credit: Kentucky Tourism

And they’re off….to drink Mint Juleps! One day a year, all eyes are on Louisville for the Kentucky Derby and everyone watching has a Mint Julep in their hand. It’s that classic cocktail of bourbon whiskey, fresh mint leaves, and sugar and, just as much of a winner, as the filly who gallops over that finish line at Churchill Downs.

Find the Mint Julep recipe.

Bourbon Lemonade

Bourbon Lemonade
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

Bourbon Lemonade is a classic cocktail typically made with bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water, creating a refreshing and tangy beverage with a hint of sweetness.

Find the Bourbon Lemonade recipe.

Epsom Derby

Epsom Derby Cocktail
Image Credit: Never Say Die Bourbon

A take on the Kentucky institution, the Mint Julep, but with a touch of Surrey, England!  A homage to Never Say Die, the first Kentucky born horse to win the Epsom Derby!

Find the Epsom Derby recipe.


Penicillin Cocktail
Image Credit: alex9500/depositphotos

The Penicillin Cocktail is a modern classic that was created by Australian bartender Sam Ross. Ross was working at Milk & Honey, one of the most famous bars in the world, when he came up with the recipe in 2005. He was inspired by the flavors of Scotch whisky and ginger, and he wanted to create a drink that combined them in a balanced way. Super freshing!

Find the Penicillin recipe!

Brown Derby

Brown Derby Cocktail
Image Credit: bhofack2/depositphotos

The Brown Derby cocktail is a classic bourbon cocktail made with the addition of fresh grapefruit juice and honey syrup. It’s the unknown, but super delicious, brunch cocktail for every bourbon fan.

Find the Brown Derby recipe!

Clara Bow

Clara Bow
Image Credit: Lynnette Marrero

This easy bourbon cocktail recipe from the master, Lynnette Marrero, herself! Just by adding a bit of St. Germain makes all the difference and adds that summery zing!

Find the Clara Bow recipe!

Gold Rush

The Gelston’s Gold Rush
Image Credit: Samuel Gelston’s Irish Whisky

Award-winning Belfast-based mixologist Emily Doherty invented this cocktail, “My inspiration behind this drink was to take the classic ‘gold rush’ cocktail and put a modern twist on it. Hot honey is something that became very popular this year and there is a good reason, you get the sweetness and floral notes coming from the honey with the light spice and black pepper from the chilli. The other ingredients in this cocktail are the type of ingredients you see in a Margarita but they work incredibly well with whiskey, the orange juice opens up the sweet notes in the spirit and the salt rim balances out the sweetness.”

Find the Gold Rush recipe!

Sunshine Punch

Glen Moray Sunshine Punch
Image Credit: Glen Moray

Although we love Sangria for the summer, sometimes it’s fun to try something different. This recipe for the summer uses Glen Moray single malt whisky Sunshine Punch but you can use any and is guaranteed to change your mind!

Find the Sunshine Punch recipe!

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