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Lush Guide Guide to Wilfred’s


Looking for a non-alcoholic version of your favorite amaro spritz? Then Wilfred’s might just become your new best friend. Ruby-red with a combination of orange, rosemary, rhubarb and clove, Wilfred’s is “Reinventing the Spritz!”

photo by Jeffrey Stephens

The spritz must be the most ubiquitous cocktail in the world right now. Not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s a great cocktail, no matter whether you are using Campari, Aperol, or Select. With the tagline, “reinventing the Spritz, Wilfred’s gave themselves a whole lot of pressure. Good thing they succeeded!

photo by Jeffrey Stephens

What is Wilfred’s

I guess the real question should be “Who is Wilfred?” The answer to that is Chris Wilfred Hughes, or really his great-grandfather, the inspiration behind Wilfred’s. Both an engineer and inventor, Chris could always be found behind the bar creating liqueurs, teas and cocktails.

When it came to creating Wilfred’s, Chris gravitated towards more homely flavors – rosemary from his mother’s garden and his father’s homemade bitter orange marmalade. It took two years and over 100 permutations to get the perfect combination for the Wilfred’s in the bottle now!

photo by Jeffrey Stephens

How is Wilfred’s made

Although I can’t tell you the exact recipe, I can tell you Wilfred’s is a combination of bitter oranges, distinct rosemary, that English perennial favorite, rhubarb, and a hint of clove. It’s only 21 calories per cocktail with no artificial sweeteners and made with only natural botanicals.

photo by Jeffrey Stephens

How does Wilfred’s taste

I am a red lover, so already I adored Wilfred’s without even tasting it. The chic bauhaus style bottle and art deco label depicting its ingredients could get you to buy it without even tasting it. But do taste it!! It has become one of my go-to spritzes.

  • Color: Like Dorothy’s Slippers!
  • Nose: Bitter Oranges are at the forefront, then the clove and rosemary come from behind to remind you they’re there.
  • Taste: That perfect combination of bitter and sweet – the orange and rhubarb plays off each other in the perfect balancing match. The hints of rosemary and clove give it the bite of amaro.
  • Finish: A subtle finish of bitter orange and herbal rosemary
  • Alcohol-free

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Where you can buy Wilfred’s

Wilfred's Bottle

UK: : You can find Wilfred’s only on their website

USA: You can’t find it in the USA yet.

Try one of these Wilfred’s cocktails:

Their signature serve is the Spritz, but try their wine-less mulled wine for a warmer treat!

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How to Drink Wilfred's

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