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How to Make the Irish Whiskey & Apricot Highball Cocktail

Our Lush Life guest Gregory J. Buda is mixing an Irish Whiskey & Apricot Soda – a match made in heaven! Sadly, unless you can scam a few bottles of Dickie’s Dried Apricot Soda, you can’t make this at home. Still, you can make Cinnamon Tincture at home. The recipe is below!

To hear more from Gregory Buda, go to his Lush Life podcast interview.

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Irish Whiskey & Apricot at Dickie's Bar London

Irish Ginger & Apricot Highball


  • 50ml Green Spot Irish Whiskey
  • Dickie's Dried Apricot Soda
  • Atomized Cinnamon Tincture*
  • A dried apricot


  1. In an ice-filled highball, gently build
  2. Add Green Spot Irish Whiskey;
  3. Top with Dickie's Dried Apricot Soda
  4. Add 5 sprays of atomized Cinnamon Tincture over the surface of the drink
  5. Garnish with the dried apricot
  6. Serve with a straw


To make the Cinnamon Tincture

Step one:

Roast 5 cinnamon sticks at 400°F or toast them in a pan set over high heat until slightly smoking. Let the sticks cool before handling.

Step two:

Break the cinnamon sticks into ½-inch pieces and place them in a spice bag.

Step three:

Steep the cinnamon in a sealed 16-ounce jar with 500 ml of grain alcohol, vodka or other high-proof neutral spirit for 7–14 days. Remove the cinnamon from the tincture and discard. Stored in a cool environment, the tincture can keep for several months.

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