How to get from moss to martini in five years

How to get from moss to martini in five years

Looking down a microscope 24/7, you could get thirsty. Our guest today did, leading him to experiment more on martinis, than moss, stepping away from a life of botany into one filled with B52s, Bacardi and bitters. Today, we sit down with Gregory J Buda, Director of Education & Training Manager of the Dead Rabbit, at Dickie’s Bar in London where he has been  acting as Bar Consultant since their launch last year.

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Next week, we meet Sam Carter, Senior Ambassador at Bombay Sapphire’s Distillery at Laverstoke Mill. If you haven’t been to Laverstoke, go. Not only is it the most sustainable distillery in the world but they make some great drinks too. Sam reigns over the place from the Empire Bar where I get to sit down with him for a chat.

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