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How to Make Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Valentine's Day Cocktails

In the mood? Well, it’s that time of the year. How are you planning to celebrate the most romantic or the most hated holiday in the calendar? I would suggest by shaking up one of these gorgeous Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes that will make you feel happy even if you hate February 14th!

Valentine's Day Cocktails

Created by some of the best food and drinks bloggers in the business, these cocktails have something for everyone, non-drinkers too. More than likely a few of them will contain a bit of bubbles and be of a pink-ish hue, but most of these Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes you will fall in love with. 

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

The Courtesan

The Courtesan - Pinterest

I adore this recipe. It is as rich in flavor as it is in individuality. From every sip emerges a multitude of images – how romantic is that! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Raspberry Gin Fizz


Raspberries are a pretty addition to a gin fizz to liven it up and make a vibrant, tasty cocktail that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Rosé Vodka Cocktailrose-vodka-cocktail

This light, crisp, and fruity Rosé Vodka Cocktail is about to become your new go to drink! Perfect for girls’ night in, Valentine’s Day, or a special occasion!

Blood Orange Mezcal Negroni


A complex and delicious sipper, Blood Orange Mezcal Negroni combines Mezcal, Campari, blood orange cordial, and fresh lime juice shaken with ice and strained into a smoked salt rimmed rocks glass.

Raspberry Prosecco Ice Cream Float


Raspberry Prosecco Ice Cream Float is a grown-up drink made with Fresh Raspberry Aperol Sauce, ice cream and bubbly prosecco.

Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail


A pretty cocktail for Valentine’s Day. It’s like a slush puppie for grown ups.

Lovebug Cocktail 


A gorgeous and bright Valentine’s Day cocktail! Made with just 4 simple ingredients, it’s great to make for your lovebug!

Mary Pickford Cocktail

This Mary Pickford Cocktail recipe is a rum-based cocktail, but full of cherry flavor. It yields a deliciously balanced and sweet cocktail that will have you looking into the forgotten cocktails of the Prohibition Era.

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

There are thousands of ways to mix up a martini, but for chocolate lovers, there’s only one. Sweet, delicious, and just the right amount of boozy, this Chocolate Martini Recipe made with Godiva liqueur, vodka, and creamy half-and-half is the perfect beginning or ending to any evening at home!

Valentine Wine Spritzer

A Valentine Wine Spritzer is the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day! A light & bubbly mix of Pinot Grigio, orange liqueur, champagne & a few raspberries and you’ll be in the pink.

The Rossini Cocktail

The Rossini Cocktail is your new favorite Valentine’s Day drink! Made with strawberry puree, sparkling wine, and simple syrup, it’s easy, sweet, and perfect for any occasion.

Raspberry Cosmopolitan


This Raspberry Cosmopolitan is so fruity and delicious! A pretty pink cocktail that bursting with raspberry flavor! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you’ll want to sip it all year long!

Strawberry Smash Cocktail


Low carb, low sugar, low calorie Strawberry Smash Cocktails are a healthy drink for date night, Valentine’s Day, or on a hot summer day for your sweetheart!

Strawberry Creamsicle Cocktail And Mocktail Recipe

Easy to make the perfect sweet cocktail for Valentine’s day!! Plus top off with whip cream and sprinkles to make it extra!

Pink Squirrel Frozen Cocktail


Pink Squirrel, a fun frozen pink cocktail, is perfect for Valentine’s Day with only 3 ingredients!

Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa


Having a Valentine’s Day brunch? This small-batch Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa recipe is the perfect cocktail to enjoy!

This Hibiscus Gin and Tonic


A light, delicious and refreshing cocktail you’ll love (and so will your valentine). Bonus: this Hibiscus Gin and Tonic recipe is made with real hibiscus flowers and no artificial coloring or flavors.

Pomegranate Spritzer


A healthy drink perfect for everyone in the family and perfect for any occasion, from parties, potlucks, family get-together or to treat ourselves

Pomegranate Gin Fizz

Pom Gin Fizz

Refreshing vegan Pomegranate Gin Fizz made with fresh Pomegranate Seeds. It’s the perfect summer drink! You can easily make a non-alcoholic, kid-friendly version.

Romance Carbinero Cocktail

Romance Carbinero Cocktail

Beautiful and delicious cocktail with rum, triple sec and fresh juices. It’s like Valentine’s Day on the Beach!

Non Alcoholic Mojito


This non-Alcoholic Mojito is a refreshing blend of mint leaves, apple juice, lime juice, elderflower cordial and soda water. Perfect for a those who can’t drink on Valentine’s Day!

Rose Spritz

For a refreshing alternative to the traditional glass of bubbly, Fentimans suggests giving Prosecco a rose tint with the Rose Spritz cocktail. Combining two classic aphrodisiacs to create an aromatic and effervescent cocktail, simply top up a glass of Prosecco with Fentimans Rose Lemonade and garnish with strawberries.


25ml Prosecco in a champagne flute
Top with Rose Lemonade
Garnished with Strawberries


The Encantador, from the St James Bar, is a refreshing cocktail consisting a delicate blend of Calle 23 tequila, infused with strawberry & timur cordial, pickled clementine juice, oyster leaf and topped up with champagne. For a quintessentially romantic finish, the cocktail is garnished with a light sprinkle of chocolate dust and delectable strawberry leather.


50ml Calle 23 tequila
20ml Strawberry & timur cordial
3 drops oyster leaf
10ml pickled clementine juice
Top up with Champagne brut
Method: Throwing
Garnish: Strawberry leather & chocolate dust

Hope these Valentine’s Day Cocktails make you feel romantic! They are so pretty there there is no reason not to serve them now and anytime you want a glamour!

You’ll find this recipe and all the cocktails on our Pinterest Board!

Always drink responsibly!

Tried one of these cocktails? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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