How to Make the Courtesan Cocktail by Hammant Villa Patel – Cocktail Recipe

How to Make the Courtesan Cocktail by Hammant Villa Patel – Cocktail Recipe

Everything on Hammant Patel Villa’s menu has a tale, whether it emerges from his multicultural upbringing in the heart of this very neighborhood or Chinese history or his years working in business. These stories make each and every cocktail as rich in flavor as it is in individuality. From every sip emerges a multitude of images – how romantic is that!

Courtesan Cocktail

January 23, 2018
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  • 12.5ml Blossoms Sour Cherry Syrup
  • 12.5ml Briotett Crème de Cerise
  • 25ml Vintage Velvet Vodka
  • 50ml Prosecco Argeo Ruggeri
  • Step 1 Mix together all the parts of the first three
  • Step 2 Slowly top up with the Prosecco.

If you want to hear more from Hammant – listen to his Lush Life podcast interview here.

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5 thoughts on “How to Make the Courtesan Cocktail by Hammant Villa Patel – Cocktail Recipe”

  • The Specifications printed above are Clearly misprinted. Are the specs 25ml of each or 12.5ml of the 3 ingredients. Just wondering. Cheers

    • Hello Ben!

      This is what he told me! I will double check with you but I think this is what Hammant was going for!


  • Regarding the Courtesan Cocktail: The instructions say to mix together equal parts of the first three ingredients, then top with Prosecco; however, the ingredients list calls for 12.5 ml of the syrup and the cerise respectively and 25 ml of the vodka, which means they are not equal parts. Surely the drink requires the full measure of vodka, so perhaps it would be good to rework the instructions.

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