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Season 4

How To Keep Winning Awards

Stop right there: This is the second episode of two where we meet a bartender

How One School Video Can Change Your Life

Superlatives were invented to describe our next guest – World’s best, Greatest, One and Only. 

How To Find Your Ancestral Spirits

When your ancestors were distilling spirits as far back at the 18th C,  you really

Two Chicago Bars That Are Knocking It Out of the Park

Chicago has so many fabulous bars and, today, we meet two General Managers working for

How To Make Award-Winning Tiki Cocktails in Chicago

Our guest helms one of the most awarded bars in the USA: winner of the

How to Celebrate Burns Night in Style

“It’s easy to make friends with a suitcase full of whisky.” I think our guest

How to Make Gin in the Yarra Valley

Being great at something doesn’t mean you want to do it for the rest of

How to Make Single Malt Whisky Out West

Our guest today certainly knows how to build a luxury drinks brand. He had done

How Irish Whiskey is Made in Hell

If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, then press stop and go back to

How to Make Great Irish Coffee in Hell

Usually people retire to Vero Beach, Florida, our guest today went there to further his