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How to Make a Flight of Negronis

Flight of Negronis

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Flight of Negronis

A Flight of Negroni


  • 750 ml Sipsmith Gin
  • 750 ml Martini Rubino
  • 750 ml Martini Bitter
  • 750 ml Still water


  1. Mix all the four ingredients together and then split again in four different bottles
  2. Leave 1 bottle untouched for a Classic Negroni
  3. Infuse one bottle with 1-2 whole peels of your favorite citrus fruit for at least a week then start tasting it daily until it’s perfect for you
  4. Infuse one bottle with 2 to 3 grams of your favourite dry spice for at least one hour and then start tasting it hourly until you love it. Giorgio likes Sichuan Pepper.
  5. Infuse one bottle with 50 gr of your favourite fresh herbs for at least one day and then start tasting daily until you love that one too. Giorgio used Eucalyptus!
  6. Store in the the fridge and when is very cold enjoy it as you wish, with or without ice.

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