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7 Most Expensive Johnnie Walker Whiskies

Quite unbelievably, John Walker, the founder of the most famous Scottish whisky in the world, did not drink whisky or anything. Actually, he was a complete teetotaler! That didn’t stop him from selling whisky and some of that is the most precious spirit in the world. Here’s a list of the most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskies in the world. Many of these expensive whiskies are limited edition, but a few can still be purchased.

From 1825, his first blended malt, Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky, started wowing the locals. By then, Johnnie Walker was already well on its way to becoming the world’s most popular Scotch Whisky. Since then, his heirs have grown the brand to be one of the most famous in the world. It came to the attention of King George V who granted him the Royal Warrant! In recent years, it has gone from strength to strength even opening up the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh.

Almost 200 years old later, Johnnie Walker is not only still in business, but creating a few rare and luxurious bottles of the smoothest whisky to go hand in hand with their iconic Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Johnnie Walker Double Black Label, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and Johnnie Walker Green Label.

These malt whiskies below cannot be found in any grocery store, but are part of a limited edition series that the Johnnie Walker brand produces for special events. They are have a unique taste and are a perfect gift for the private collection of any Johnnie Walker lover!

Most expensive Johnnie Walker whiskies

John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee

John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee

On the great occasion of the 60th year of the Queen’s reign, Johnnie Walker released a special-edition whisky in 2012, John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee. Of course they only released 60 bottles in total!

Distilled in 1952, the year of the Queen’s accession, this is a regal blend of grain and malt varieties. Oak harvested from the Queen’s Sandringham Estate was used for the two whisky-filled casks.

The decanter is fit for a queen – a diamond-shaped crystal bottle with crystal supports and a silver collar with a half-carat diamond.

The gloriously complex and well-structured whisky with a soft-gold appearance has a fresh, velvety aroma. The taste has the sweetness of light fruits, followed by vanilla and caramel, with a finish of creaminess, spice, and sweet smokiness.

Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48-Year Old

Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48-Year Old

A royal finale for the trilogy of Johnnie Walker’s Masters Series of whiskies is the Masters of Flavour 48-year-old blended Scotch whisky.

Only a 288-bottle release of this glorious whisky, crafted with rare whiskies (all aged 48 years or more), this final release was intended to celebrate the art of whisky-making, emphasizing how each of the four steps, from grain to glass, contribute to creating extraordinary flavors.

This incredible blend, in an emerald-green crystal decanter, is soft and gently smoky on the nose, filled with seaweed and salty air, followed by dry fruits and notes of molasses. It’s all rich fruit, gentle spice, caramel, butterscotch, and a warm smoky finish.

Johnnie Walker Master’s Edition

Johnnie Walker Master’s Edition

Before Johnnie Walker outdid themselves with their Masters of Flavors, their extremely limited Master’s Edition was their most expensive and exclusive release. Only 100 bottles of this rare whisky were released.

A blend of six rare whiskies (malt and grain), each aged for at least 50 years, from different distilleries that existed during John Walker’s lifetime was used to craft the Master’s Edition. (Glen Albyn, Glenury Royal, Blair Athol, Caledonian, Cambus, and Port Dundas.)

The triple matured whisky comes in a jet-black, majestic-looking Baccarat decanter within a cabinet crafted by the original cabinet-makers of the Queen.

The whisky brings to mind luscious blackcurrant and citrus, progressing into a rich, creamy dark chocolate, finishing gently with cooling menthol and a hint of smokiness.

Johnnie Walker 1805 The Celebration Blue Label

Johnnie Walker 1805 The Celebration Blue Label

Another commemoration release, Johnnie Walker 1805 The Celebration Blue Label was released to celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of the founder, John Walker. This is unlike any other whisky of their standard Blue Label; it’s a royal celebration.

To make this extraordinary liquid, whisky from nine different casks, aged 45 – 70 years and only 200 bottles were produced. The surprising part is that this whisky isn’t up for sale, ever! Instead, the House of Walker decided to present it to those they considered had made a significant contribution to modern life.

If you find this bottle for sale, it’s only because one of the recipients of this prestigious whisky chose to sell it.

Johnnie Walker Master’s Ruby Reserve

Johnnie Walker Master’s Ruby Reserve

As we see from the ones above, Johnnie Walker is known to celebrate special anniversaries with ultra-special whisky, and the Master’s Ruby Reserve is another gem from its limited editions. This was released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Master Blender Jim Beveridge.

Using eight whiskies from 40-year-old casks, hand-selected by the master blender himself, 398 bottles of Ruby Reserve were released. Even the presentation of this dark, crimson whisky in a beautiful, hand-crafted golden-red Baccarat crystal decanter is pure luxury.

It has rich, sweet aromas of caramelized apples, toffee, plums, dark chocolate, sea salt, and pink peppercorn. The palate is hints of smoldering driftwood, blackcurrants, brambles, cocoa nibs, maraschino cherries, and pears.

A rare, rich, and masterful blend indeed by the master blender!

Johnnie Walker Master Blender’s Collection 30-Year Old

Johnnie Walker Master Blender’s Collection 30-Year Old

The first edition of Johnnie Walker’s Master Blenders Collection was a fitting tribute to their legendary Master Blender, Alexander Walker, son of John Walker.

Limited to 1,438 bottles, this premium whisky is a crafted blend of rare Scotch whiskies. The whisky is presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter in a lockable lacquer presentation case.

This rare collectible symbolizes son Alexander Walker’s achievements, his lavish 19th-century sensibilities and grandeur.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary Limited Edition

Yet another celebratory release, this Blue Label edition, was to celebrate Johnnie Walker’s 200-year journey from Scotland to all corners of the world.

Apart from its stunning presentation, the element that makes it different is it’s alcohol-by-volume percentage of 60.5% for an ultra-smooth and sweet-tasting whisky. The golden-brown whisky was prepared with hand-picked single malts and grain whiskies from all over Scotland.

The waves of spice make way for vanilla and honey on the nose. The palate is caramel and hazelnuts coursing through dark chocolate and finishing with a long, warm, smoky finish.

A bottle of Blue Label is all about rare casks, rare craft, and rare character.

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Why Lush Life love it!

In Mark Twain’s words, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much whisky is barely enough.”, especially when that whisky is the most expensive Johnnie Walker. These rare malts are the most expensive Johnnie Walker whisky you can find!

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