Mineral 89 by Tequila Enemigo

Mineral 89 by Tequila Enemigo

Mineral 89

April 3, 2018
: Easy


  • 50ml of Tequila Enemigo 89
  • 175ml of Sparkling Mineral Water (Calcium concentration of over 150 or a Magnesium concentration of over 50, San Pellegrino/Badoit)
  • Half a lime, cut into quarters
  • Ice cubes (ideally made from the same water)
  • Step 1 Serve in a highball glass
  • Step 2 Pour in 50ml of Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino
  • Step 3 Add 3-5 ice cubes (depending on size), enough to comfortable reach halfway up the glass
  • Step 4 Pour 175ml of sparkling mineral water that ideally has the concentrations above
  • Step 5 Squeeze a quarter of a lime in
  • Step 6 Stir the glass to combine the liquids
  • Step 7 Squeeze the other quarter of the lime in if wanted

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