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Fun Mai Tai Cocktails To Make at Home

On June 30, World Mai Tai Day is here! The Mai Tai is one of the most famous tiki cocktail of all. Invented by Vic Bergeron of Trader Vic’s fame in 1944, the Mai Tai has been re-invented by some of the best bartenders in the world. Mai Tai from “Maita’i roa ae” actually means “the best—out of this world” in Tahitian, so it’s not surprising that we are still drinking it today!

Just a few facts about the Mai Tai:

  • It’s all about the rum – with sometimes three different rums in one cocktail
  • There are still a number of Trader Vic’s dotted around the world, so go visit one for the original
  • My Lush Life guest, Odysseus Malice of Trader Vic’s, London shows you how to make one in this video!

Now let’s get down to some cocktail making!!

The Lush List of Fun Mai Tai Cocktails

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai

We have to begin with the original. My guest on Lush Life podcast, Odysseus Malice of Trader Vic’s in London made this for. They make it to Vic Bergeron’s specifications, so you are getting as close to the original as you can 60 years later! If you want to hear Odysseus Malice then tune into Lush Life’s episode!

Windjammer Landing’s Mai Tai

For sunshine in a glass, this is a simple Mai Tai cocktail from the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort to make and enjoy. Rum is the Spirit of St Lucia and this Caribbean special will delight! You can find Bounty Rum at Whisky Exchange!

Rumboat Retreat’s Mai Tai

photo by Lisette Davis

This Mai Tai recipe is straight from international rum expert Lisette Davis of Rumboat Retreat in Grenada, an island I can’t wait to get back to. Created with the addition of a spiced sugar syrup using all the amazing spices you can find on the island! You can get Clarkes Court’s rum at Master of Malt!

Montanya Rum’s Mai Thai

Lemongrass and ginger shake up the traditional Mai Tai in Montanya Rum’s Mai Thai! You can find Montanya Rum Oro Rum at Master of Malt.

Sun Tavern’s Fu Manchu

The Sun Tavern in London had taken on the Mai Tai and made it heavy on the rum, which is a great thing! If you are in London, time to make a visit to the home of this amazing Mai Tai.

Cointreau’s Mai Tai

Cointreau's Mai Tai

France and Barbados meet up in this modern Mai Tai cocktail! The Cointreau and Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum create an added depth of flavor!

Mauresque Mai Tai

The Mauresque Mai Tai  is the Savoie Mont Blanc twist on the Mai Tai or you could say a tiki twist on the local Mauresque cocktail, originally made with Absinthe and Orgeat.

Antiguan Smile

Timmy Time mixing up the Antigua take on the Mai Tai! All those island fruits make me want to head right back to Antigua and drink many more of their tasty delights!

Mata Hari Mai Tai

Stephan Schultz of the Mata Hari Bar in Nuremberg makes a mean Mai Tai with a touch of Apricot Brandy to give it depth!

Let me know which is your favorite Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe by leaving me a comment below or checking me out on instagram!

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