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La Hechicera Launches Serie Experimental No. 1

My friend and past guest on Lush Life Podcast, Miguel Riascos Jr. had launched the Serie Experimental No. 1, The Muscat Experiment of  La Hechicera, the most-awarded Colombian rum. This is the first launch in an ‘Experimental’ range of limited-edition liquids to be released yearly.

Serie Experimental No. 1 is a blend of aged rums 12 to 21 years in American white oak finished in Muscat casks available in 700ml bottles with an ABV of 43 per cent.

The ‘experiment’ started 12 years into Miguel Riascos Sr.’s rum venture when he filled 16 barrels of rum with his favourite wine, curious to see what would happen to the liquid.  Nevertheless, he forgot all about the barrels and it wasn’t until 12 years later that his son, Miguel Riascos Jr., found them. What he discovered when he opened the barrels was a wine that had notes of walnut, prunes and leather—a result of maturing in the heat of Barranquilla. He decided to empty the barrels and fill them with rum aged 12 to 21 years, leaving the liquid to age for several more months to create Serie Experimental No. 1.

Miguel says: “After seven-plus years of selling amazing rum, we are launching a new liquid this year. This will be the first of many new expressions to come under the Limited Edition range, Serie Experimental.

“Behind every successful blend there are many blends that never see the light of day and, even though they are amazing in their own right, they are not replicable. What we have set out to do is very openly share those ‘experiments’ and those stories with our customers and consumers.”

With only 7,200 bottles available worldwide, Serie Experimental No. 1 is available in the UK, including Harvey Nichols. It will also be available via the online supermarket, Ocado. Outside of the UK, this expression is being allocated to select European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the U.S. as well as Global Travel Retail.

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