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How to make rum that tells the story of Colombia in one sip

“…The girl raised her eyes to see who was passing by the window, and that casual glance was the beginning of a cataclysm of love that still had not ended half a century later.” Could this be La Hechicera, The Enchantress? Forgive me for taking the liberty of using this passage from “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Colombia’s most famous author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez to describe a sip of rum I had whilst in Cartagena.

Miguel Riascos De Castro, our guest today and one of the founders of La Hechicera, recounted the tale of how La Hechicera came to be Colombia’s premium rum. With a history as exotic as its name, sit down and pour yourself a glass, you are in for a touch of magic realism.

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