How to serve the perfect Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon & Tonic

How to serve the perfect Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon & Tonic

Right before lockdown, Gordon’s Gin, one of the oldest gins on the market, launched a new expression with a bow to the wonderful lemons on the Italian island of Sicily.

Based on the original recipe of Alexander Gordon, the man who began Gordon’s Gin, the Sicilian Lemon combines the, already, delicious Gordon’s with the best lemons in the world. If you add in tonic, then this could be the most lemony of all Gin and Tonics.

No longer is the Gin and Tonic just imbibed to keep away mosquitos, it has become the mainstay of the European summer.

How to make the Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon & Tonic!

All you need to make this cocktail is Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin, tonic, lemons and a lot of really good ice. Which tonic you use is really up to you. There are many amazing ones on the market, but I prefer either Fever-Tree Tonic or Fever-Tree Mediterranean.

Balloon glasses are loads of fun. They are used more in continental Europe and every sip out of one of them makes me feel on holiday. Fill them up with your ice and then add your Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin. Top with Tonic, add a few slices of lemons and you have a perfect serve!

Top Tip(ples): If you want to try another Gordon’s Gin cocktail, don’t miss the Gordon’s Watermelon Royale or the Gordon’s Pink Gin & Tonic!

Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin

Gordon's Sicilian Lemon and Tonic

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 50ml of Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon
  • 150ml chilled tonic
  • Garnish: a wheel of lemon


  1. Fill a chilled large glass with fresh ice cubes
  2. Pour 50ml of Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon over the ice
  3. Top up with 150ml chilled tonic
  4. Gently squeeze a wheel of lemon into the glass before dropping it in
  5. Give it all a final stir


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